Turned Application to Green

Turn application to green, or in my country it’s change between red, blue, green and all time favourite the purple.Didn’t get my point do you? What I meant was, turn it into cash.Yerp people, CASH.The first question is, do you own an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch?If you do, then how many application or apps for short, have you been downloaded from the iTunes?Once, twice or more?If you are familiar with the prices, most of them cost only a few dollars and there are some that only cost under a dollar.Yeah, a dollar so what you can get from a dollar nowadays?Let’s think about it , billions of apps have been downloaded in a year and if you can convert it to dollar, that’s 1 billion dollar am I right?For those who owned an iPhone must be familiar with the application that the Itunes offer ranging from education,games, entertainment,utilities,healthcare, navigation,music and etc.There are apps to find you a parking spot, book  movie’ tickets,do social networking through your facebook,help you past the time like Uno, apps to those who like to read no more those heavy books),finding location through the GPS system,and even just simply how to apps ranging from cooking till languages. With over 75000 apps that’s been offered, most of them is being downloaded even at this moment.Do you know about “iFart” Apps? According to the Joel Comm the Inventor of the iFart App, he said, on the Christmas Day, 38927 people has been purchasing his product and that’s $27,249 net.In some countries, that amount could easily bought you a house or even a car.So, been surfing to the internet and i found out about this book that on how to turn these app to green.FYI there are high school kids nowadays that generate money in a single day more than most of us made in one week…Just remember be creative and use your imagination, and who knows your app might be one of the top most downloaded apps on the itunes.For you guys, who already created new apps, don’t hesitated to informed about your product.Chiows…



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