Attack from uncle Steve

Here’s come Uncle Steve. This couple of months I’ve been seeing most of my acquaintances starting to use the smartest phone on the market, the iPhone from Apple. With the touch screen function, (no more sore thumb people) it can do almost everything with a single touch. Starting with the 2g until the latest 3gS, nothing can stop it from being the most highly used Smartphone in the world today.  Gaining access to the internet, mail and making call is only in a matter of seconds. I’m not a big fan of Uncle Steve, since I’m not familiar with the OS that they using, and to me it’s a little bit complicated than uncle Bill’s which has much more friendlier interface. But I was wrong. Using Uncle Steve product for the first time, I notice it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. After getting familiar with the ‘touch’, there’s nothing that iPhone can’t do. However, I notice not everyone agreed with me, and some of the complaint that I come across is regarding the 2M (or 3.2M) camera. Face it you guys, IT’S A SMARTPHONE, if you want a high quality picture, get yourself a DSLR. If you didn’t agree, I suggest you read about something call sensor for camera application. Just google it and you will understand what am I trying to tell you. iPhone also offer smooth sliding motion between application and pages which its competitor fail to do so. For those who are still using those old N phones and have been changing them countless time, I think it’s time to move on and get yourself an iPhone. Once you get your hands on the Apple iPhone 3g/3gs you won’t be disappointed. Effective 17th December 2009, customers can walk in to any Maxis Centre or Authorized Dealer to purchase the iPhone and mind you they always ran out of stock.So don’t get left behind to acquired this wonderful gadget, you won’t be disappointed.



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