Pets, lovely pets

Do you like pets?Either it be a dog, or a cat, even an iguana have always been a part of human life.What’s there not to love, the fluffy and adorable eyes that staring right into our (not include mine) own eyes when they are asking for food and for those that has been trained, could even welcome us home.I have a friend who loves cat so much, he even buy food for the strays he met on the street.His own a cat who even responded when he calls (doing the “meowing thingy”).Pets are adorable but lets us look into this situation, It’s a Saturday night and your buddy calls you to go out.Perhaps they want to check out a local live band or even just enjoy a good movie at nearby cinema.But frankly,you’re rather stay home and play with your cats.Have you ever imagine that you could take your pets everywhere you go and maybe let them get into the ring and let they fly like butterfly and sting like a bee?( Don’t get did?) :-D

Long has gone the time when we play those electronic devices call tamagotchi or digimon or even ‘Catch that pokemon for me” era.Remember how they whining every time they are hungry or even need to send to clinic to recuperate and gain their momentum to battle again.Introducing the Epic Pets Wars for the Iphone and Ipod Touch, the massive multiplayer online games.In here you could join millions of other players training their pets and equipped them with the most powerful weapon, armor and skills for battle.Dominate the world by dominating the stock and by defeating epic bosses you could went up to the top of the world.By battling with friend you could gain top rank and even build a clan called posses to strengthen your pets.Plus you could link it to the Facebook and Twitter and battle with your friend to find out who is the best among the best thus gaining the respect from world of Pet Wars.

my pet princ3leon

And I guaranteed that you can never put your lovely Ipod Touch/Iphone down after acquiring the Epic Pets War.Epic Pets War can be downloaded from the official website.Those who enjoy The Epic Pets War mostly are those who play the Pet Society in facebook.I let you know some secret why friend of yours (the pet in this case) live in such luxury life and your pets need to work day by day to gain those coins.This is because they know something that you don’t, that’s why.It’s time to show them that your pet could also life the life that deserve by digging into the secret.The secret will be reveal to you completely here.

Do you enjoyed cleaning up those filthy cages and have to bath your pets twice per day to make sure it stay healthy and “not smelly”? Yes? I guess not.The next one is the more enjoyable pet game that i discovered recently, the day before yesterday to be exact.The game called Pocket Oinko.Developed by Nutomix Interactive , to keep you company every time you need someone or rather a ‘pet’.Oinko is a little piggy with a mind of it’s own living inside your Iphone or Ipod Touch.Watch it sleep, eat and bath from day to day and kept it happy by play with it.I personally called mine “Wangi” since she likes to take bath from time to time.What a cute little fella.Award her with toys and always keep her mood in positive way, cause you won’t like it if she gets angry and kick you with his cute little legs.Guide her from day to day routine and just remember to feed it, since she likes to eat,A LOT.Well, that what pig do, they eat and eat and continue eating… :pig2: .Pocket Oinko can be downloaded from your itunes store.Enjoy Wangi, I meant Oinko and don’t forget about the food.adios~

Wangi is taking a bath

And if you felt like going out of poverty,you could always visit here for guidance to enjoy successful life as a “Pet” .

Would you atleast please take a bath? It's stink~



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