Piracy, Pirated, Copycat

With all the hype about the smart phone like iPhone and Blackberry hitting the world nowadays, its common for some irresponsible party to use manipulation and trick to gain profits from this poor soul.First and foremost, before blaming the con man, blame yourself, yeah I’m telling you to blame yourself first at the first place.To gain rights to bring the iPhone or the Blackberry isn’t as simple as bringing other brands, and that’s why both of these phone are cool, well the iPhone are cooler,believe me. :-D first thing first people, do you really believe that good stuff comes cheap?I still remember my friend was searching for motherboard and he select the cheapest out if them all and he was like can this motherboard ddr3?and can it play those high end games using the on board graphic card…funny isn’t it…Good stuff came with a price peeps..OK back to our business, second of all, do you actually believe that something that cost RM2000 (around US520) can be bought at RM 250 (around US 80)?DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE?come on peeps, even the kinder garden child can differentiate it… for an iPhone that cost almost RM3000(US 900) you can get it around RM600(US180)…and plus if you buy it in bundle meaning more than one the price can be reduce.Furthermore there’s one salesman who offer “How much you are willing to pay?” OMG, and you guys actually bought it?How thick can you be?I know all of us try to save money but when something sounds to good to be truth, think again.Wholesales prices?70% discount?Hell, they better put secondhand iPhone signboard that might be more convincing to me with the price.I was talking about the sales that I encountered near the ECM in Kuantan.70%?hahaha… I’m felt sorry for those who already bought the goods and I didn’t blame you since they almost had me when I was in KL last semester and I ran into the same carnival selling these so called smart phone.One of my friend’s friend came to me and ask for my opinion about the phone since she was planning to buy one for herself.I try to explain as detail as I can to her, since even I didn’t know what this copycat can do.As far as I know it, you need to use your nail instead of your finger to touch, and the system is a little bit lag than the original.So as the stories goes, she finally bought it.To her, she thought that she had a good deal decreasing the price from rm1300 to rm800.The day after tomorrow, my friend told me that his friend(the buyer) wants to sell her phone since she was not satisfied with it.She was 100% convince by the salesman that what she bought is original (according to the salesman there two type of phone , there china made and original, and he was selling original while the china support dual Sim card is not original phone) as so he claimed.She was really devastated with the phone.For RM800 you could get a good phone from Sony Ericsson or even Nokia.Now it was all come to drain.If only she saving a little bit more money and just go and grab the greatest phone of all at the nearby Maxis Centre she would really get a great deal.So for those who are planning to own an iPhone, please,don’t let yourself become the victim of these kind of offer,investigate carefully,think before you buy.Make sure you’re are buying from the rightful store or you will end up with disappointment.The really sad thing was, the salesman was convincing the buyer that his iPhone is original and there’s another one China made to deceive these customer.Hope the government will do something about this or more people will end up being trick by these predators.

MY ADVISE “get a real deal to avoid regret”…GET an iPhone, it’s really worth it or maybe a blackberry. 8-)



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  1. Cool gadget bro. testing?testing?testing? 1, 2,3,4 tiada apa dapat ku bersama mu hanya penat..hehehe jk jk :rotfl:

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