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Okay guys for those who well, maybe majority of us who own facebook or myspace account must be familiar with Social games like Farmville, Mafia War etc.They are easy, simple,silly and complete wastes of time ..which is why all of us love them so much hehehe :inlove: .FYI, Farmville is so 2009 guys.Here where We Rule comes in, the new real time strategy games cross with social app from ngmoco.

I LOVE pumpkins lol

You started with small town complete with your own castle and like other games, you are broke.So, the ultimate goal is to develop your city and link it with your friend’s cities via iPhone and iPad.To gain money, you need to grow crops,harvest them in order to gain money and experiences.You also need to build bakery,school and provide other goods to your kingdom.Over time, you will gained enough experience to level up and build more building which present you new commerce and other social interaction opportunity.The building that you have built will affect how your kingdom populace example if you built a school, schoolchildren will start to pop up in your beautiful kingdom ( at least mine is ngeh~)…

NAzz in the neighborhood

Taking care of your kingdom can only get you so far.You need to link with your friends cities, and this is where We Rule differ from other social app where you can trade good with your friends and provide service to one another in order to gained more gold and experience.There are also the third commodity called mojo which is very beneficial if you are able to acquire them since they are limited.The mojo function is to speed the progress in your kingdom.Example if to grow a pumpkin takes about 3 hours, bby using Mojo, it will be done in  a blink of an eye.We Rule is free to play but if you want to acquire more Mojo, you can buy it from ngmoco.Now casual iPhone gamer might be curious about this game but why should the hardcore fan need to feel it too?FYI again, We Rule is being developed by New Toy, which is a small studio of Ensemble, yes Ensemble who responsible to bring us the Halo War and Age of The Empires.So think again before making decision to pass up this games.Chill~~



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