Too much hatred

There are saying ” Cintailah seseorang itu dengan berpada – pada kerana mungkin satu hari nanti anda akan membencinya dan bencilah seseorang it dengan berpada – pada kerana mungkin satu hari nanti anda akan mencintainya”.Well, do you believe in this phrase?Part of me want to believe it, but another part said other wise.

Let face it, there is no such things as ” Puaskan hati semua orang”, and if somebody manage to find the way, do contact me and explain briefly.Certain people has gift or charm which no matter what they do, people still like them.However, on the other side, there are some type of people who can satisfied others in every single thing that they do.Do you ever hate some one?If you don’t, then kudos to you…

We hate people for many reason.They hurt us physically or mental.They do horrible thing to us.However,we could only hate them because of jealousy or because we envy them.Hurm, human, never satisfied don’t they.Well aren’t we all just like that.That’s why there’s a word that you need to study.”Syukur”..

People just hate seeing others happy and they try to destroy that happiness with any valid reason.Seeing others happy is so painful to them since they might not get the same treatment , or they are neglected by their surrounding.They will do everything in their power to influence those around them to act and behave the way they want it.If they are unhappy, others can’t have it too.

I know someone who possess these behavior (should i refer she/he as someone since i already called them nonhuman hehehe)…However her skill in persuading others is legendary.With her tears and sad face more resemblance to pig face if you must say..could capture those fool’s heart and mind..I don’t blame them, she maybe use some kind of black magic in order to do that.For those who is very fortunate is not in this sick animal’s cycle of life.I envy you, cause i know it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Based on my word, you could detect that there’s a little hatred in it.No~ lot’s of hatred in it you might say.For some people, when they thought everything was quite, it was the end of the journey.OH NO, they are wrong, it;s not the end, it’s only a calm phase before the big tide coming.So better prepare before the tide was unleashed.Even the big wave will swap away you’re stupid tears of drama queen.Tears don’t work for me,anymore.

Guys, it’s not a good idea to keep hatred in your heart, but you will be foolish to just let it go.When the time’s come, it need to settle.Thing’s undone,need to be settle..this i ensure you.Before im writing anymore nonsense,it’s better if i hit the bed hehehehe.



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  1. hahaha oh jgn marah sangat kat linda tu..nanti die bawak ko masuk tv tgk tanya linda

  2. ish ko neh..
    soh elaborate plak…

    ade sorg ckp kt aku…
    kne maafkan dri sndri dlu bru kite dpt buang rse bnci tu…
    ap mksd sbnr pn ak xdpt na xplain kan…

    tp org bdh2 biatch mcm linda kmph tu mmg ptt dbnci..haha
    smoge mati dlm kdaan tskse…
    wah,jaatnye aku..haha
    jgn apprve plak komen ni..hahahahah

  3. Forgive myself?elaborate please~
    mean people are mean so need to knock some lesson into their head…
    Well it was not my intention to be pretty, cute maybe hehehe

  4. mean people are mean…
    that phrase suit them perfectly!

    learn to forgive yourself n u will get used with it..
    there are no good to hate others,it will not make us prettier

  5. Well, thanks for the opinion and i welcome you to my humble blog…keep on reading hehehe
    and PeterPin, im not a royalty nevertheless i didnt own a horse ngeh~~~

  6. well, memang tak baek simpan dendam, cuma kekadang we need to stand up for something Abg M.

  7. Hurm, part of me agree with you princ3..But to much hatred could damage one’s feeling~part of yeah~revenge is sweet

  8. You should slow down your horses, your highness.Too much hatred could damaged yourself

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