Piss off~

I’m really piss.Why are you doing this to me?she was a big fat liar.Telling me to stay put and wait for her.Do you think I’m stupid enough to be played like that?I was wondering if i really have waited for you, i don’t even think that you will show up…Upon my arrival, i saw you are laughing madly with those $#%^$%^.What?You think you fool me?Calling me to eat the same table with all of them?After what you do to me?Hell!!!!! I’m pissed off!!!I don’t know what is wrong with you lately.Asking for trouble, made up trouble, is making me suffer your hobby?You got nothing better to do right?You have change so much till i don’ even know know who are you anymore.Liar!!!!Liar!!!!Liar!!!!With your butt still sitting on that very the same chair, i could n’t believe you would actually have the ability to lie msg me every minutes with “otw” that’s on the way for those who did n’t know. In order to convince me that you are on your way whereas you never move on the very same spot.What is your problem?


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