I try to hold on but it hurts too much

Ironic isn’t it?The one you love always be the one that hurt you the most.The one that you care about always end up hurting your own feeling.In relationship either it can be between couples or among friends, the one that you care about is the one that make you suffer.People always said that, everything happen for a reason even we might not know what the reason really is.

Feeling is a very complicated things.We cant force ourselves to be happy or sad, we can only pretend that we do.The downside is the act of pretending has certain limit.People that hurt your feeling is different when the one you love acting the same way.The act is completely different and the impact is also different.

Once when a friend said, Love’s hurt.I don’t believe it at all.How come it could be hurtful when you’re with someone you love and adore?Telling me a bull are you?Seems like he was right anyway,and sometimes the pain is unbearable beyond i have even imagined.

I always good at fixing things.I always have.Back in the days, my friends often ask my opinion when they have difficulties and i every, almost every time i manage to solve the problem.Seems like i the ability has abandon me at last.I’m in a ruined and i really frightened me when i realise that i have to face it alone without no one.Loneliness,maybe that is the thing that everybody tried to avoid after they finally found someone.

I thought i could managed it like before, but maybe i was wronged all along.I could if i stay the same way like before not until i have met someone.Someone that make me realize that i also have a heart.The simple creation yet have many functions.I hope i can get through this trouble time with ease.That is all i have left, HOPE.



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  1. absolutely,100 percent agree dengan anda…feeling is complicated thing..and by the way i love james morrison broken string

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