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Nervous break down

Nervous,nervous,nervous.Its been quite awhile since i felt nervous like this.Its not the examination, welll i do get nervous when dealing with examination, I had uncomfortable bladder, I starting to sweat like crazy, more over I cant avoid the excitement of dealing with question that fortunately I got the answer for.No, NO,nO,it’s not the examination.Today adalah hari my lecturer will come and visit me.So, the supervisor called me 3 days ago, nak tanya kat mana tempat I menjalani industrial training, and he said he will come on friday.Okay , dengan tanpa membuat apa2 preparation, jangan katakan slide, idea nak olah untuk presentation pun tak timbul lagi.So, i ran through all my sources, well thats the good things when you already planned ahead, i managed to get my presentation up to 16 slides.My lecturer cuma mintak 6 -7 slide but I can’t help myself to elaborate all of the things that I have done throughout the training session.Grab something here, and grab something there.Walah…The slides were completed.So wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy,  :-D . baca beberapa surah pendek untuk menenangkan diri, and there i was complete with my Alain Delon shirt, and Allblack tie given to me from Idham ( New Zealand kot :laugh: ) So, I went to the office as i usually do, feeling confident and to my surprise, segar dan tak mengantuk, (mind you, I remember the conference call from U.K during our meeting, memang mengantuk sesangat, Nasib baik bile bercakap dengan Mat salleh tu tak ternak mengantuk haahaha)…So masuk jer ke office, everybody was looking at me with a surprise faces.Makna tidaknya, the last time, they see wearing something like this, is the first day i came to the office, bising the production line, menanyakan kenapa Smart sangat hari ni..FYi, meanings smart sangat hari ini, adalah smart hari yang lain cuma tak sesemart harini.. :yes: …

So, dari pagi tu menunggulah ketibaan lecturer.I didn’t get to know the lecturer since he was teaching the electrical section,and actually i was quite worried since I was dealing with electrical thingy, maybe some of the question might giving me a hard time to answer.At, 9.30 am my lovely covered iPhone rang, my lecturer has arrived.So, pergilah menjemputnya di reception,rasa kelakar pulak , pakcik tu address aku sebagai Encik.maybe he mistaken me as one of the engineer kat situ.So, tanpa membuang masa, presentation session begins.Its not so bad pun, and I wish my engineer could join me with the session if he was needed to attend the meeting with the customer from Japan. So after almost half an hour presentation, habislah siksa, takdalah seksa pun pasal lecturer yang datang tu ok and he’s very interested with my tasks since he was major in electrical.Turns out, my lecturer ni pun org kuantan,duduk di IM.Wah dekatlah dengan rumah Mr Nazz yang sedang diserang dengan wabak denggi kuikuikui.

Ingatkan takda orang tahu pasal my presentation, it turns out sampai ke Director of the Operation pun tahu.Terkejut jugak bila director sapa” hows your presentation?” hehehe. i spent my evening tackling the problem regarding the core that had trouble to attached to the wire.Simple inductor, yet tricky process.Turns out , we need to left the epoxy to reach room temperature in order to get the right mixing.dah macam nak buat kek pun ada…

I thought to night nak makan kuey teow di rasa2 satay, but since today is bowling night,I have to cancel the plan and spend the night downloading the 18 episode of third season bing bang theory.Sheldon has stage fright?maybe that what we have in common reminds me when I was in  my second year, I need to make a public speaking in front of the whole university, memang amat mendebarkan hahaha ..Well atleast I managed to get myself an A for the Pro Com2. :rotfl:

Jealous? I hope you are…. lol




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