HEPI Birthday Mak ToK~

First and foremost I would like to wish my beloved grandma, YB Datin Zaharin bt Dato’ Abu Bakar happy birthday.Semoga di panjangkan umur dan di murahkan rezeki serta berada dalam keadaan yang sihat sejahtera di samping keluarga yang tercinta.This woman has special place in heart since she’s the one who raise me when I was a little boy.Back then I was really, really what did you call it adorable but nakal hehehe thank you grandma for everything that you have done and I really appreciate it and I don’t know if I could repay your kindness to me.I know, It impossible to repay your love that you have given to me and I must say, I’m one of the luckiest grandson to have you as my grandmother.You’re the best grandma in the whole wide world and I was fortunate to have you as mine.I hope you will stay healthy, and cheerful as you always been.I know sometimes, it’s kinda rare for us to meet each other since I’m pretty busy nowadays.Maybe when I’m in my semester break, we go and have some fun some where, maybe shopping in KL like we used to.I remember one time, I just discovered the way to pavilion through KLCC tunnel.I was planning to try the path and my grandma agreed to do it.Luckily I cancelled the plan, can you imagine my grandma going to walk all the way to the Pavi from KLCC.Thank God, I didn’t follow my earlier plan.Since this is your birthday, I don’t have any idea what to give you…. she said when I asked her what she wants for her birthday ” tak payahlah susah2,awok tak makan gaji lagi,awok call pun mak tok dah happy”  :cry: …. She ended our conversation with “I love you”…. how cool is it for your grandma to utter those words to you?priceless…


p.s:my grandma asked about you….when will you come and visit her, when will you will be back, when , when , when,when, YOU know who you are …



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