As the name has been stated, Escada Magnetism is a magnet.It’s already been my favorite fragrance since like forever.Unfortunately the stock has run out and I heard the production already been halt due to escada keep changing their perfume like season.Been the faithful user, I have been try to search for it high and low around Malaysia, no sight at all.So I have been trying to search for it outside of Malaysia, asking those relatives and friends who went abroad to find it for me.The last precious bottle I got it from Miss lil Scamp when she was in Australia.Thanks, I really appreciate it :-D.I have been using it cautiously since then.However, I just got the new stock which arrive from U.S last last week  :inlove: !!Yeah!!Horray!!! I got a good deal over the internet and it is much cheaper than I bought it in Malaysia, minus the miniature that I always get, its a great deal.Now I know where to find you hehehe…  stay magnetize~



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  1. woaaa really?mesti cost lots of money since from Aus…beli keychain pun dah cekik :pissedoff: darah

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