Dear ……


I know sometimes life is going to hit you pretty hard, and some days just like tornado meets volcano,and someday you wished that you could replay it back all over again.No matter what happens, I just want to let you know that I’m always here for you.I really care about you, even though you might not realized it yet, or maybe you won’t even bother to notice it.


At this point , I just want to make sure that you know, I’m always there for you.Like a sun during your days,and like a moon shining upon you at night.I’ll be your breeze during your summer, and your Zara’s coat during winter.I’ll be there for you, when you need somebody to talk to, lend my ears for you to pour your heart’s out, give my hand to help you through the rain.Unfortunately, i can’t lend you my heart, cause it was already yours from the beginning.


I’m might not seem like very much, I’m might not be everything that you always wanted, intelligent, good looking, rich, perfect?It wasn’t me,but believe me when I said that I’m yours.


did you know everytime your name pop up on my 3.5 inches iPhone’s screen, it manage to put on a smile upon my face,and hell yeah if my heart has a face, it would be smiling right now.A simple hi for you, could really made my day.I know,you think that I’m crazy ayte?Well, I’m always crazy about you.


You might asked, what did you need to do to stop me from having this thoughts.Its the same thing that you can’t do from stopping the sun and the moon from shining down on you.


I didn’t expect anything in returned, I didn’t expect that you would love me back,I will always love you no matter what.All I have ever wanted for you is to be happy, be happy, even though you are not with me, even though you are with someone else, but as long as you are happy , then I’m happy.


I know you are not in a good condition right now, if you want to cry,then cry.It will help to ease the pain.But if you need a shoulder to cry on, take mine.And if you need someone to hear you pain, i lend you my ears.As long as I can help to ease the pain, then I will try my best to do it.


You don’t need to be alone.I’m here.I could be your brother , and I could be your best friend.Just pick one that you comfortable with.Cry to your heart desired, and when the sadness subsides,I can’t wait to see those beautiful smile upon your face, shining, shimmering , splendid like the sun.


Sometimes God hides the sun, and bring rain and storm, we searched for the sun to no avail, but when what we didn’t expect is , He give us rainbow.7 colours of rainbow equals to seven days of happiness afterwards.Don’t grieve about the sun, cause the sun will surely shining in the end.


I know maybe I’m gutless to tell you right now,but maybe someday, you will know how I truly felt about you.I don’t want things to get complicated between us.So, I’m truly sorry for not being completely honest with you.


My Dear ……,

I wished I could write your name in this entry….



not yet….


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