Ice Room dan Ani Sup Utara

It was a typical Thursday and as usual, I attended my M&I 2 lecturer with anxiety and the willingness to learn new things that could be gained from my knowledgeable and beloved Dr.Izhar.As I woke up from my dreamland which always contains You as the main character , funny, how did you ended up in my dream so constantly lately is quite amazing.I guessed , I really missed you.*I know , I know, I just met you last week in Kuantan, but I can’t lie to myself by saying I don’t aren’t I?

Let’s continue, as I woke up from my beautiful dream, I saw my housemates still in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and some of them even bring their own horn (ship got horns? *snoring to be exact hehehe) in their endless journey.With full of spirit (not that I wanted to confessed my jelaousy) I went downstairs to start my red ride.Poor you dear, I promise I do something fix you up okey? (said Me to my little red car) I’m talking to the car, yes, I am.And they talked back to me, no, they don’t, are you nuts, car can’t talk , you silly billy willy wonka.

As usual I entered the class with style, when i said with style is because whenever I entered the class, the whole crowd will start to turned their attention to me.Not because of my good looks okay, but because either I’m late or I’m extremely late.The class go smoothly as Dr begins it’s lecture on current divider, the parallel design of flash ADC and the successive approximation ADC.At the end of the class, the Dr is starting to asked the class, do we get his point on the things he mentioned just now.He called out for Naim, my German/Lebanese friend, unfortunately, that guy was absent.And guess whose name was called out afterward.ME.

No that I try to showed off that doctor able to memorize my name,it’s good when the lecturer know you personally, but the bad side it, I can’t skipped class LoL.Funny, once someone mentioned to me, “laku ke kalau pakai nama kau sendiri?” well, atleast I was known because of me, not because of my parent was a tycoon or ‘dato’ or “tokey’ or something.People know me, because of me, not because my background, kinda proud of it actually.Futher more, Dr is my deputy dean, an its an honor for such high official in the campus know us personally.

I noticed something funny, why in the world, I’m writing in English?I considered my english is bad since everybody needs to take out the dictionary when I’m talking in English lol.Nevermind, this is not English Education class, but if you are interested in joining one, I can give you my friend’s contact number, his name is Usop.Well, if you are interested please ,PM okay?

Actually the main reason for this entry is to write about Ice Room, so let’s get back to our main point orait?After the M&I class, I went to discussed Innovation Management with Micky, hurm, being a leader of the team is not easy eh?Then afterwards, I went to the Ice Room with my coursemate/classmate/girl who are my friends/ not my girlfriends for lunch.Accompanied by Siti, Aina, Mija and Wani.So this is waht I’m having at ice room.

spaggeti bolog...
strawberry somthing something
wani,mija, tak tahu r sapa ni
Siti & Aina

There’s a saying “what a small world,”.I’ve been friends with them for almost 3 years and just recently, I found out that Aina is actually relative to my best friend, Awien hohoho.What a small world we lived in.

My friends love to see me while I’m eating because I managed to finished all the food, and sadly they don’t , kinda of remind me about someone who only take a few sip of her drinks and let me finished the rest of it, oh except for her favorite teh tarik.Good old days, really good old days.

For dinner, me  and my housemates really have trouble regarding on where to eat.So I decided to take a look around our residential area, and finally we decided to try the infamous Ani Sup Utara (After eating the soup, I thought maybe the whole house can speak utara fluently just like our very one ‘WAN’ hohoho).

Wan and Paan (Perlis and Perak bersatu)
zul dan entah sapa comey sangat ni entah

So all of us ordered different kind of soup, some order soup campur chicken and beef,some order beef,and some order bones (tulang ar!!).It’s quite enjoyable and pretty good for such a simple meal, mind the sambal belacan , HOT as HELL almost brought tears to my beautiful baby blue eyes.Yup, my eyes are blue but I’m wearing contacts to cover it, don’t want any of you girls to drown in it okay.LoL.

watermelon and apple
My Dinner!!!

Lastly, Thanks KaK Ani!!!!

Thanks Kak Ani!!



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