McD again~

So today, my day start as usual, i woke at 10 a.m, ate breakfast with my lovely aunt Nurzita..Nasi Lemak and sambal daging.Zali msg to informed that will be starting earlier than usual, Relaxes okay, the alley is not going anywhere haiyo~.

I reached Ampang point at 12 p.m hehehe..I found my team mates in the middle of their lunch.Well, early la sangat kan?..It turns out that the alley was offline and the management is trying to fix the problem. The guys decided to go for a frame playing the snooker and since im not good in those or rather i didn’t have any slightest interest in snooker i decide to wait for the lanes.And it turns out that the management manage to fix the problem in not more than 10 minutes upon my arrival.Well, Thank God i didn’t have to wait like the rest of them since 10.45 a.m hehehe

Well, i played you could say well today, managed to scratch 214 on the first game, slightly down to 164 in the second and string of 178, 223, and 227 after wards. Guessed Zali will be thinking twice when he wants to make any bet after this.We finished the game at 2 p.m and since it still early we went downstairs to find something to eat, or rather im looking forward to my winning prizes.How unfortunately the lift was out of order and we were force to use the escalator to go downstairs.

We went to the car park through the loading lift to put our things into Ameer’s car. Ameer was making a fuss when he accuss Zali put a scratch on his butt using his finger nail HAHAHAHA..YA YA Ameer all of us love our car don’t we?We went upstair looking for I’m loving it restaurant.Zali’s was talking animatedly to others since he just bought his iron man ‘s Timex watch.Good luck on your next tournament bro.Well the refill session begin.Taking less than 10 minutes, we made 3 refill request.Attention!! coke is bad for your health except if it was free~~ :evilgrin:

Afterward we went to separate ways.I met my aunt and we went to the Great Eastern Mall for lunch since my aunt haven’t eaten yet.Drop by at Cosy which was famous for it’s Curry mee.Pick up few things for father’s day and we went to pick her son at school.Nothing much happened during the evening except food,sleep,food,sleep….

Husna & Zali

Fariza & Ameer
Fariza & Ameer



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  1. You punye kawan seme cantik2 ek?Are you only befriended with those with good look only?Im joking , im joking LOL

  2. hey tak elok r minum coke bebanyak.One time i heard from a friend, yang his acquaintance died because of drinking to much coke.So better take care you know?Not everything free is good k?BTW Husna is adorable hehehe…Ada aapa2 ke dengan si manager? :-P

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