Kuantan Wee~

Sup,people?Eh eh it should be salam eh?where’s my manners?Well finally after all those pressure weeks,it’s time for mid term break.My destination?Kuantan lor.It’s been a while since i went back to Kuantan.The last one was disastrous due to some rumors.Well, let get started shall we?I reach Kuantan at 1 o clock in the afternoon.Hurm,home sweet home.I miss my pet,i meant my bed,my computer and etc..Well that night, i went to Starbuck, meeting with Mr Pokko/Greendaybro with his i Mac sipping a glass of afogato.Hurm all time favorite ngeh.After that we went to kopitiam to meet up with Pa and Hanif who just finish doing their Mq for the 9 pin tap challenge.We discuss lots of thing,about life,women,money and our vacation trip.Hurm been so long since had this chaty – chaty thingy …

pa and hanif
pa & hanif surfing the net
Taufiq with his gadget
Mr.Pokko with his gadget

The next day, I went to the ecm with Mr.Pokko.We having our ,how do you combine lunch and tea time plus breakfast? brunch time?hahaha well at the Laksa Shack.Dilla came and met us there after she finish her work.Inspiring isn’t it,study and working at the same time.Well we went downstairs to grab ourselves a cup or might it be a little bit proper to say a glass of coffee?its a mixture of coffee actually.Well, i met with mr.Pokko ‘s girlfriend here.She’s quite a lady hehehe.After a while, we decide to went home…hurm seems like it’s going to rain soon so we hop back into the car and went back home.

Miss D
Miss D

Atleast that’s is the plan.However since miss D hasn’t ate anything yet,we went to Padi for dinner.Ikan bakar and chicken chop …Hurm quite delicious delicacies.After filling ourselves with such delicious delicacies,then we went home.



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