I woke up at 10 clock.My parents already made a reservation at the New Horizon Restaurant.We’ll be having lunch with my cousin.I already been appointed to be their ‘tourist guide’ to show them the way.So we departed earlier.The air was cold and freezing.The rain came down pouring likes there are no tommorow.For those who is having the same climate be careful while driving ok?

Well,when we almost reach the restaurant,a car came and overtake us from the left.The problem is,in the process they splash water to our ride.Imbecile!!!Dont they realize how dangerous that was?what if they blinded my uncle while he was making the turn around the corner.(Insert your favourite word here).So,let me tell you about the New Horizon that i love.It’s the shark fin soup.Didnt you know?genuine shark fin soup is made with shark fins obtained of any of variety of shark species.Raw shark fins are processed by first removing the skin,trimming them to shape,and thoroughly drying them.Its very delicious i tell you should try it.

shark fins soup
shark fins soup

After the lunch, all of us went home.I intoduce the 360 to Ku aira.Well she seem enjoyin herselfg playing the Gta4.After a couple of hours they went home.God im gonna miss them badly.Seems like it will be quite sometimes until i meet her again since she will be starting in Aus this January.At night, i went with D to the Padi’s.She order a set of chicken chop and teh tarik while i order my ice lemon tea and sizzling lamb chop (ma favourite).Its Mr A favourite too dont cha agree?well if anyone who is interested in Mr.A well you got the hint right?hahaha joking2.We also order a set of pari bakr pergh..its was delicious!!!hurm after a couple of hour,both of us went home.Seems like there are less activies involve,well its raining what do you expect?its more comfortable sitting in bed all day long.Well the twins shoot of this evening to dungun.Im gonna miss them too.

sizzling lamb chop
sizzling lamb chop



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  1. *agrees with Nazz*
    Sharks are classified as an endangered species. It’s such a waste bc they only take the fins and discard the rest of the body. Legitimising shark-hunting for medicinal purposes can be compromised, but for the sake of providing a delicacy?? We can do without eating shark’s fin so why not give them a chance to live.
    Giving license to certain ppl to hunt sharks will not prevent illegal hunters. Ppl are smart nowadays; they can find a number of ways to go around the law. Sometimes, consumers have to play a part too to save the environment.

    While we’re on the same note, don’t eat squirrels too :-P

    1. maybe after we have taken out their shark fins, we can make them as our pet and regrow the fins back before we take it back again hahaha,squirrel as in satay is good.

  2. Shark has been around for more than 400 million years. Over 100 million sharks perish at the hands of humans annually and many populations may face extinction.

    Save Sharks by not eating their fins.

    1. well we still can eat shark fins,but the hunting should be minimize and only those with license are allow to hunt those shark.This could prevent the sharks from extinct.

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