Sush sush sushi king


It’s already been 5 days since i came back from Kuala Lumpur.I have done almost all of the activities that i missed during my study period.Well, i already play several times now at least i know I’m still good i this sport eceh =p.Playing bowling some how manage to let me calm down since there are so much pressure this couple of week,not to mention these couple of days.Well i went to watch movie with Abg.The movie title ‘Rasukan Ablasa’ and i blame myself for buying the ticket and the one who decide to watch this movie.From the trailer it seems okay, but the reality erk..why did i bother even to watch the movie.After the movie i went to Sushi King to grab myself a Saba yum yum well actually i only planning to eat chukka idako (the baby octopus thingy),due to some circumstances i was unable to reject the delicious mee hehehe.Well itadakimasu~

The next day, both of us went to the terminal to pick up ADIK well well well,he’s got a girlfriend now.Way to go,at least this one will surely keep your heart where it suppose to be =).All the best to ADIK.Afterwards, we went to the Berjaya Megamall Kuantan for our bowling session and let me remind myself this is the worst session ever.My bowling ball is all over the place and it’s kinda of embarrassed to even say those score that i manage to get.After that all sweaty and crazy about only something that only us know, we went to buy something for our unhealthy friend.Finishing the shopping session (as if) i went to the new horizon restaurant for dinner with my family.My mother ask me if i want the shark fin soup and i reject it.After a while, i regret it a bit hahaha good for me =p.Afterward, we went to Starbucks to meet with Mr Pokko.It’s drinking session again.


Seems like three of them are hungry and our next stop i my uncle restaurant’s ‘Djantek’.Well, if i remember both of them eat spaghetti bolognese and our dear bro Mr. Pokko is having a bun and a fruit punch.I remember how shocking his voice,when he saw what he just ordered hehehe…poor him,i guess he’s expecting more food than what was served right in front of him.My cousin,Amiw wanted to sell her D60 camera since i think she make a mistake when buying it.Supposedly she wants to buy the D80 version hurm sorry i don’t know anything bout camera so,if any mistake regarding the series sorry hehehe…Finished the Djantek session..I went to my grandma’s house to meet up with my aunt.Well, we went to Padi afterward where i’, having my lovely lamb chop nyum nyum it’s almost 3.30a.m when i went back home.And here I’m writing my blog ngeh….well eyelids are heavy so better i crash in first ..sayonara~




4 Responses

  1. well well well
    y u put that picture of me.. haihz
    habis ngarut da..

    yup..konon rasukan ablausa tak sodap beto..
    kita yg kene rasuknye beto..
    “bagi balik harta aku!!!”
    i still remember that guy screamed madly..
    mcm radin..kah3.. ooopps

    hmm..kedai sedara pon salah eja beto.. Tjantek la..
    hahaha…sedap spaghetti bolog dia.. haha

    YDA: abg bila lg? haa… bila2 pon bleh.. bab kate abg fadli ape
    “….. …….. mcm kita susah sket..”
    hehe.. hanya radin yg paham beto.. :D:D

    hmmm…da la rasa besalah tadi.. sory anym n abg fadli coz bla awl tadi..huhu..

  2. owang tak tgk cite tu lagi
    sok da nak balek
    yup yup raden kene blanje makan pasni

    adk ade gf cam pelik je bunyi haha
    tapi tak semestinye tak leh nak hangout same beto?

    adk makan spaghetti oglio
    abg BOLOGnaise

  3. hehehe
    yda pon bru tgk cite 2 smlm
    kt warta
    cite mmg x besh pon
    tp kan hero dye
    sgt encem kot

    radin suke sgt mkn kt sushi king
    cpt la blnje sy

    congrat jgk kt adek
    da de gf
    bru pewit
    n abg ble lg eyh

    da x tao nk cmnt ape nie
    nnty hang out oke

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