Is the GLASS half full or half empty?

So what do you think?is the glass half full or half empty? just a wrong size of the glass. :evilgrin:

Finally, semua assignment berjaya di settlekan seperti yang diharapkan.Viva micro -c juga boleh dianggap sukses.Terima kepada Ai dan Paeh kerana tanpa anda siapa lah saya …hahahaha hope that i can create more interesting program for the hardware but since we are out of time, this will do kot…hope for the best guys.


Please don’t listen to the commentator since it was only Zali mumbling something about I’m giving him half of my beef Kebab which absolutely doesn’t related to the video shown.Just a short video for references.For this project, we used the 16f877a micro controller to build this prototype.

To my teammates of Professional Communication 2, congratulation to all of us since we managed to get A for the subject.Thanks to Epul, Leha and Siti for your cooperation and ideas in the project.Thanks to Madam Mai for giving us such grade since i thought that all of us could performed better.Well, still congratulation to all.

I’m on my way to the library, when i met Yaya, G and Ama.

“”dah tgk result?awak dapat A”

“uit ?serius ker?tak tgk lagi”

“lor betul la, saya dapat A-”

“Syukur, satu A dalam tangan hehehe”

Lepas dah dapat tahu result, I called Maz, who also get an A, nak melihat marks for OSHA.So we met up at the general studies section.Few of the general studies lecturer was talking to each other when suddenlyone of them is asking if we both twins…hehe kelakar jugak tapi ramai yang mengatakan begitu…Well, if we are both look alike, that means Maz is handsome as me la muahahaha :-D

So the result was out..hurm i was behind Maz about 0.7 ..Damn~

Both of us need to get another 17 mark in order to earn ourselves an A, hopefully we could or i guess we have to settle with an A- …Auuwww come on~

In the evening, Halim, my senior invited me to the archery range.Well, seems like his friend Anis is going to teach us the art of bow.Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not that interested in archery.Although my Kak Shanaz is in team Malaysia hehehe….I remembered once upon a time, when i was working as the lane attendant in Megalanes, when they still had those archery range, i could played it for free all day long, Still it doesn’t suit me this Robin Hood thingy ngeh~~

Since it looks like that it’s going to rain, the plan was cancel.Maz made a suggestion for us to relieve ourselves with this tension and take a break at the Starbuck.Well, 4 of us, Afif,Zul and Maz and of course dengan saya sekali, bersama2 menaiki kereta menuju ke kedai yang berdekatan.Oh Caramel Afogato long time no see, well not that long, actually right Miss d?hehehe

Zul,Afif (picture taken by Maz)
Zul,Afif (picture taken by Maz)

So right know after indulge myself with the semiconductor technology, i think i should write a blog.OMG, look at the time, it almost 4 a.m so time to get some sleep people.See u at dawn.Solat,Solat~Peace Out



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