Genius or simply plain stupid

As I was taking a sip from my Afogato’s drink, my mind was taking me back while I was at work today.The situation is like this, where two of my anak buah wants to go to the bank.And since they are still underage, the transaction need to be done at the counter.It was a simple procedure actually, you get a form, fill it in, get the supervisor to sign for confirmation and you are good to go.Everything was going smooth till the meeting yesterday morning.The supervisor who was supposed to be the one who signed the form was handling the meeting and he brought up this matter.The conversation goes like this:

The S:” Kenapa tak pergi bank hari weekend?”

My A.B:” bank kaunter tak bukak hari Sabtu Ahad”

The S:” So kenapa nak kena pergi withdraw dekat kaunter?kenapa tak pakai ATM”

My A.B:” Belum cukup umur”

Here’s come the genius or simply plain stupid question

The S:”Kenapa tak cukup umur?”

My A.B:”Sebab birthday tak sampai lagi”

As if he wants to justified his action he came up with more question..

The S:”Kenapa kawan you boleh withdraw guna card, bukan sama umur ke?”

My A.B:”Sebab birthday dia bulan 2 , sebab tu die boleh pakai card”

And finally, I think the question doesn’t suit to defend his action..

The S:”kenapa kena pergi semalam?kenapa tak pergi hari ini?

My A.B: kept silence ( apa beza pergi semalam dengan hari ini)

And the S was ranting about how we must manage time and so on…

What the heck is wrong with you actually?and personally I’m curious how he was made a supervisor since his question didn’t have sense of logic.Last 2 days, he was scolding a worker and that girl quit on the spot.He was saying angry about where the girl put her handbag.Can you at least talk to her slowly instead of barking like mad and then you even told the girl to resign if she was not satisfied.For the readers information, the company was desperately need workers and with the low paying rate, it was fortunate that there are still people want to work with you.And now, you are creating a stupid scenario like this.The line now was short of one person and the workload kept building up.Plus most of the worker will quit somewhere around march after the SPM result comes out.What I’m trying to say is, please appreciate these workers cause without them you can’t survive the demand from customer.This week will be the end of the 6 practical trainee which represent the whole line of the production.Without workers to replace them, you are going to get into trouble,now whose laughing now? :laugh:



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  1. ..S stand for st***d?…woo 0_o..
    tringt satu cite pasal sorg ‘manager’ yg @&&#%^$%…hehe

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