Two Paper

Before i started ranting about my examination, last sunday i went to the Subway cafe with Maz,Norbit,Acap and Zul.According to the real plan we suppose having lucnh there not dinner!!Well, under certain circumstances, it cannot be helped.Well it was my first experince eating sandwich that big, a footlong.Hurm, i consume all the food since the smeell attract me.After that, we went back to continue discussing craps.10 more hour to go for the first paper,the management.

Since i was unable to study, i went to bed early.Tomorrow to my surprise the question is extraordinary, well guess i just hope to do the best i can for it.Nothing interesting happen afterward.So come to today where im having my control system paper.After doing some question asking session, i manage to understand a few of the topic and to my surprise the question is very difficult>most of the didn;t even contain in our tutorial.i guess i flunk this paper haih.I waiting for night to arrive and im having nasi goreng kampung for my dinner.And now with full boredom, im writing this blog.

Right now, i don’t know why i really actracted to this one song.Guess it really meant something.Funny thing is my roommates also started to listen to this song.



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