So came the long waited weekends>My parents came to Kl and they pick me up after Jumaat’s prayer.After that we went to my aunt house in Ampang to drop some stuff, and waited for 6 o clock to arrive.I’ve book 2 lanes at sunway pyramid.Actually my Dad got a tournament tomorrow and i was taking the advantage to hit a couple of pin myself.Been a while since i play at Sunway.i met a couple of old friends,Rodson,Jerusha,Jonathan,Cheryl.My my how have they grown.Last time those are my junior and now they proudly wear the Malaysia t shirt.Hurm impressive,how i envy them.

So i hit a couple of pin with my dad and uncle Alex.Wah uncle Alex still good as he use to be.My game is pretty high also ngeh~After my dad’s friends arrived i think i being busybody hanging around them so i decided to stop and help myself around the  huge shopping mall.Went to a couple of boutique, to bought soem clothes.I went to the fragrance section with my mother.Hurm,seems like the price is more expensive nowadays.Well, lucky me, they don’t have my lovely magnetism.Hey Adik, take a good care of my perfume yar, or else hehehe..

‘Magnetism’ no wonder the smell attract those chicks =p hehehe.Just joking, i still remember the second time i bought the escada magnetism, the promoter told me that not many people like the smell of that perfume.Well, some how it attract me and i notice it even attract those around me.”EH, bau Abg fadli they said”.The fragrance has become my trademark, escada should pay me since most of my friend want to buy the perfume.Unfortunately, the perfume is out of stock in Malaysia.The last one i get it from Sireen ( thank you C) when she was in Australia.Fortunately for me, i get a new one from London.Thanks to Papayun.Thank you papayun =).Can’t wait to get my hand on those hehehe.

me and her
me and her

Enough bout the perfume.My lovely Dilla, arrive at 8 p.m. And I had ask her to come to the alley to have dinner together.Well,the chicken rice never fail me and those fried chicken is delicious muhaahaha…After that we went back home.I guess no Jangan Tegur to night.Well,maybe some other time.I reach my aunt place at 10++..i treat myself to full box of ferrero..yum yum…Now im writing the blog and ignore my reading on the management.Hey hey there’s a white tiger in the room Arghhhh!!!



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