I woke up at 8.

Bath at 8.15 a.m.

9 ready to go to the bus stop.

9.30 board the bus.

9.45 reach the lrt.

10.00 board the lrt

10.50 reach masjid jamek board aliran ampang

11.15 reach bukit jalil.

bukit jalil
bukit jalil

12.15 met her

Dilla and Edward =p
Dilla and Edward =p

2 she went back to our hometown, i stay in town hahaha

Now im in klcc.Wondering around with my new shirt.Well, since im here, lets watch movie.So what to watch?being a malay i choose to ignore fast and furious and wolverine ( well i already watch wolverine the undone one hehehe) and buy the JGN TEGUR ticket.So it will be 4.30 show and i decided to indulge myself with book at kinokuniya (did i spell it right?).From fiction to comic, to education and romance, till i went to the japanese side where i help myself with japanese hair magazine.I envy their style.After that, i went down stair into ISETAN and parkson to look for new shoe.I went to the Topshop but the shoe design was same as Adik and i don’t want to buy the same thing am i?…Well it almost time, hurm..im kinda hungry well, let’s eat after movie.

I went at 4.30 and the waited for half an hour for the show to start due to some unexplained circumstances.Haih give me back my money since 3 minutes into the movie there are no sound.Damn!!Before i started ranting about the movie let me tell you bout the guy who is sitting right next to me.Seems like he watch the movie with a friend, a girl.Well, the guy start ranting about how his little bro/sis was going to get engage soon, and how the future husband/wife is a son/daughter of a Dato and how he get free meal at JJ in kajang if i was not mistaken due the fact that the food court was on by his future brother/sister in law.And the he start ranting bout how he likes to watch awful accident at youtube and how one time he watch a trailer hit a motorist and the motorist was still alive and lost his legs.And he describe in detail on when the trailer was remove, whats left of the motorist lower body is stick to the tyres..Gross Man you must be sick to have hobby watching those  video clips.Im not being busybody or something but if the guy on my left also heard what he was telling the girl, than you can imagine how clearly his voice to me.Plus he brag that already watch the Bohsia film 3 times, and how the seat at SUNWAY PYRAMID has couple seat and at one time he mistakenly bought the seat at sit with his guy friend.The funny part is, the way he explaining that the middle divider between the seat could be lift and how couple always sit close to each other always bring tears of laughter to me.The conversation goes like this

“Kat Sunway ada couple sit, ko tau yang untuk couple, lepas tu bende tgh ney(refer to the palce where you put your hand) boleh angkat.Ala kan couple ske duduk dekat-dekat jd kalau bende ney leh di naikkan boleh duduk dekat.”

HAHAHA…the detail explaination about the couple seat.Then he talk about how he wrongly went into the false cinema.

“Ade satu time tu aku masuk then dah siap duduk,lepas tu datang brother ney claim yg seat aku sit die,aku apa lagi marah la,sampai tekak2,siap salahkan lagi pihak wayang cetak dua tiket sama.Lepas tu datang pekerja wayang kata ,Abg ,Abg salah panggung,ney panggung 4 bukan 3.AKu malu sey terus blah”

I smile on my own heard about this hehehe.My opinion on this guy is he either to impress the girl,he has crush n this girl,psychopath or even stupid.I prefer psychopath due to his action at one time cause the girl left her jacket to go out(toilet maybe) and then this guy grab that girl jacket and smell it deeply.Can you imagine  a drug addict, smell drug?yup that’s how he react..I think this guy is older than me, no doubt.Maybe in his 26 or 27 year since he come out fromhis mum womb but haih i don’t know.

Well lets get back to the story, believe me one thing IT SUCKS.the title doesn’t has any relationship with the story and most of the time it the simple surprise tactic that always been use.The last demon which went inside the actress looks like Smegel or gollum from the Lord of the Ring trilogy.What made the scene become funnier is the word that the demon utter is very hard to understand and the demon act like this movie is a little bit like a prono movie hahaha.The way the demon using her tongue to seduce the Ustaz is funny and a little bit more to sexual harassment hahahaha…if you got money to waste,waste in on this film.

Well,after a the movie finish.I felt relieve.Relieve from stupidity that i have made watching the movie.I help myself with a drink from coffee bean since that is the first store that caught my eyes upon exiting the theatre.Still can’t fight my caramel afogato.I went back afterward and on my way i bought myself nut less choco chip from famous amos.Seems like i can’t resist the smell  temptation from it.I made a big mistake.

famos amos
famos amos

Went to the lrt sub station, the line was long due to those who just finish working.Damn, why i didn’t follow my intuition to go back at 8.Serve me right.But I’m lucky, i manage to get on board on the next train hahaha.I reach Gombak at 7.20p.m and went pass the pasar malam.I bought myself nasi kukus ayam berempah nyum nyum an a corn( 1 corn? i dont know how to describe corn and obvoiusly i didn’t meant one bit of corn hahaha).Went upstair find my roomates was battling the warhammer 2.Well, i did install the game but I’m completely busy with other work so i cant manage to play it just yet.Well that’s all from me.



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  1. come on guy….
    love the scenery at bukit jalil.Last time i went there watching concert

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