It’s already been a week since the sickness trauma come and playing around my garden without any invitation.Who would invite sickness to their surrounding duh~..been to the clinic a couple of times, and let me remind myslef and all of us,medication is not cheap…spend more than 100 buck for 2 trips to get the treatment.Fortunately the pain is already gone.Been looking forward to meet Mr. Idham and Miss Awien who is generously offering to buy both of us drinks.God Bless you Awien hehe.Been awhile since i met with little Miss Arwen (ECeh)… remember the time when we are taking trip together , went all around Malaysia to play bowling and suddenly she became the traitor of the state by represent the bandar Penawar Sport School.Due to that, we have been competing with each other ever since, me as the state representative and she the school representative.She is one of my oldest friend and i knew since what?..standard 4?how fast the time fly by…maybe we should arrange a reunion or something.

idham di suatu ketika dulu
idham di suatu ketika dulu

Hurm, assignment to be exactly, tetap bertimbun dah terus membukit.Even though i manage to finish my programming for the micro controller project just now WEEEEheeee 8-) , i still got a few report,presentation not to mention the place for the industrial training still in progress.At this moment accompanied by my favourite jem tart, I writing this post almost cluelessly.Last weekend, i had wasted a good ticket to the Surrogates movie which i bought earlier at the GSC Pavilion since i can’t stop myself from being nausea.I wasted a good meal at the Thai Restaurant and a good ticket hurm…Some sickness eh?

The next day, i felt a lot better.You see the sickness that I’m having come and go as they please, i could be energetic one day, and i become very sick the next day.Hopefully, starting from today this sickness has cease.Before went back to the U, I went to the Curve in Damansara to get something to eat,mind you there are variety of food that made it hard to choose which one to dine in.At last, marche’s become the selection.I’m having the Rib Eye Steak and a smashed potatoes and mind you it taste so good that you will not hesitate to come here again.(Aik, promote ker hehehe)…I remember last  Ramadhan, i went to marche  with Am and kak Shanaz to break our fast (is that the correct to write it)…Thanks to kak Shanaz hehehe…

I felt like i have become those carnivores eating down the steak ruthlessly.For those who enquire picture of the steak, come on guys , it’s not like you dont know how steak looks like , i don’t think i need to be so ULU to post every steak that i ate, don’t you think,imagine if i have eaten a steak once a week,how many picture will that up to?.Any how, maybe we can get together sometimes when all of us are free, when we didn’t go on shopping spree buying those ‘tertelan air liur punye clothes’ or went to ‘saloon nak buat facial di kedai orang kutuk dalam msg’ hehehe  for those who didn’t understand dont mind it since i already told you this blog is my ranting on the sorrounding.And to all viewers, no foul language yar hehehe…



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  1. wah,adakah anda ingin mempromosikan diri anda awien..my cutest friend for about how many years now?10 years?12years?hehehe..hope maintain cute forever :-)
    haih anif nak add ker?

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