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I love writing.I feel that by writing, I could pour my heart contents into a piece of paper and share it with the world.Some might be a bunch of craps, some really meant something to me.Gadget is my choice of obsession, without them, the world won't be as cool as it is now.

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  1. Hepi besday to u, hepi besday to you,hepi besday to pae, i meant princ3 happy birthday to you ..god bless you

  2. Babe , hapy burf day to you…Hope you lead a good life and settle down witht he charming Miss D :-D

  3. Di sini abg ingin mengucappkan selamat hari lahir kepada putera yang sangat2 diperlukan hehehe..semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. :rotfl:

  4. thanks for the review kak dia, :-D but since most of my friends and viewers have difficulties in english..manglish is the best choice, for now…hey i got a new family in town the 40d :-D ..although i only have the lense kit..i could borrow yours can?and i want pezen (present :-P )

  5. Happy belated birthday. it’s cool to mix our mother tounge with second language as they help us to improve our speaking skills. encourage yourself to write more in english, nnti nak publish post, u re-check again! it’s ok to make mistakes here and there. :) jum la gi photoshoot!

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