Discrete Signal And System

Finally the day has arrived.Tepat 11.15 pagi tadi, kaki melangkah masuk ke dalam dewan peperiksaan.One of the most toughest subject in Electronic Engineering,  has the potential to fail 70% of the student whose taking the subject , finally today is my enemy today.Tak tahu mengapa dirasakan soalan -soalan semester lepas boleh di jawab, tapi apabila memikirkan tentang soalan semester lepas, DISASTER.Even with the answer provided I can’t seem to decipher the answer.Ask my cousin Razi, he knows what the hell I’m talking about eventhough his syllabus might be a little tougher.Sitting on the chair, I pray for the best.

2 hour and 30 minutes past like in a blink of an eyes.Kejap sangat rasanya.Budak di section sebelah yang sedang mengambil Electronic 2 menggaru- garu kepalanya, mungkin sedang membuat calculation untuk cascaded circuit for amplifier.Hurm, berkat Sir Zaki, I manage to get a B+ for the subject.Hopefully, Sir Zaki is doing good with his PHD in UK.

Discrete is in the past, now the Microcontroller aduyai…Since the lecturer has been exchange, doing the past years question didn’t seem to help.We study a completely different subject and using different devices.My fellow friend from the other class is having more problem since they are using different method throughout the semester and the final only include C programming which btw is what I am learning throughout the semester.Mind you, Im not good in C seriously.Prefer assembly rather than C aduyai~~ So now, what type of question that will be given 2morrow?Terminology,Process,flowchart,programming,terms,condition,definition…Who knows~

May ALLAH S.W.T be with us….



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