All hail the new family

Here, i would like to welcome the new family in town.The  Eos 40d. Some people think I’m moving to soon,but I get the best opportunity , so there’s nothing wrong with me grabbing the chance.Hehehe.With more new things to explore, it looks like it will take sometime to master everything.(Like I have already master the 1000D :-D ) .Thanks to Caer and Maz, now I got a little knowledge in taking good picture.

If you want to know the advantages that 40d got to offer, just go to Canon website to read more.So ready to shoot people.BTW thank for the lovely gift from my cousin Ameer who knew my current obsession with the camera just give me the Eos guidance book which offer lots of information about the Eos SLR.Thanks :rotfl:

Oh before we end, this is a video from my little sister, Mysara and her friend Nadira. Song from the Automatic Loveletter-make up smeared eyes.Enjoy!!!




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  1. I love the song.The lyric is so meaningful too me, so princ3 bile nak outing sesama ney? :rotfl:

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