Steamboat boat boat

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift that’s why we called it present.This quote was taken from the kungfu animation starring the panda, I can’t recalled it’s name and I was too lazy to google so, never mind.Today as planned, Kimi texted me reminding about our plan for the steamboat dinner.At 6.30p.m I went to the ALL YOU CAN EAT STEAMBOAT don’t be jealous okay?nope you should be.The prawns, the crabs, the squids etc only for RM20!!What??Yeah you heard me, well more towards you read it correctly, RM20.So the hunt for food begins.Today will be the last day I met Kimi.uhuk uhuk uhuk  :cry: he’s been such a great friend and mentor for the last 4 months throughout my practical session.Im gonna miss him dearly eceh~~ Well, he will soon be starting his new job at Western Digital in Subang, and his house located just acrpss the Sunway Pyramid so there are no problem for us to see each other in KL hehehe.Maybe we can try out for a new sport, the ice skating or should we called it rollerblade ice :laugh: .Mind you ice skating is not as easy as rollerblade, after a few minutes on the ice, your feet will begin to swell and if you are lucky, you’re ass will be kissing the cold surface several times :rotfl: .I had a friend in the Malaysian Ice hockey team, and I envy how they can move gracefully on the ice, like those skater in the movie Mighty Ducks.Wish I could do the same thing hurmss…

Mr Hakimi

After the steamboat session , I went to Season Hotel to pickup Nazz, the plan was the picking up but NAzz’s dad want to see me so into the hotel I go (hahaha).I met with some Chinese Dato’ who is in the middle of the conversation with my Uncle.So i had to wait for a while since it will look a little bit disrespectful for me to leave at once after kidnapping Nazz.If one thing I can’t handle that is ass kissing.I don’t know the manager keep offering me the dishes since I already said to him that I’m not hungry, but maybe there’s something in my sentences that he can’t seem to intepret.The result he sent me rice complete with tom yam soup that he brings out from the hotel’s kitchen.After refusing him for several time, he bring out the dessert, fruit dessert to be exactly.You know those fruit that already been cut into pieces?so instead of putting it onto the table, he went around and serve us, so every round I got myself apiece of pineapple,a manggo and a piece of papaya and as I empty my plates (arghhh come on how long can a 3 pieces of fruit survive?) he will come and refill it again.Funny isn’t it?who you just put the plates down and let us take it ourselves it would be much comfortable.Aiyo~~~

Afterwards we went to the nearby starbucks cafe.As I went to the counter with Nazz, the waitress said” one venti caramel frap and one venti caramel afogato” Oh ok so they already know our regular’s drink Bravo , bravo hahaha but to night I want to try something new, but since I forgot the name of my beverage that I was intend to have tonight I go with Hot Choco.You should try it nyum nyum.While we are sitting, a women came and draw a picture of us as you can see from my thumbnail photo.I think I saw this English woman somewhere.It turns out the English woman is my uncle’s friend hahaha. I thought she mistaken me for some celebrity and decide to sketch our faces hahaa…Guess I was wrong  :-D



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    1. U should try it, memang terbaik.Dulu prefer johnny’s , skang dah ade All you can eat..memang superb

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