So it’s already 7th of January.I went to KL registering for my uni.I reach KL at 12p.m and got everything settle almost at i got my new hostel key’s.The room,they ain’t so bad.Lower than the previous one.I’ll be getting a new set of roommates which i haven’t meet yet.Hope they will be a group of funny people more importantly trustworthy.I met with some of my colleague.As I already expected, most of the student heard about the xcident last semester.Haih ,so i need to retell the story over and over again.Goshh it feels like some kind of celebrity thingy, if you know what i mean.Since the management for the loan is busy helping the registration committee,it seem impossible for me to settle my study loan.hurm guess i have to do it tomorrow.

Well after settle the registration thing, I went back to Ampang to my aunt’s house.There, I sleep like a bear for a couple of hours.(Bad habits).At night after cleaning myself up,I went to this Sabak’s steamboat and grill restaurant.Where you can choose to grill and have a steamboat at the same time.Well it’s eating time.My family invite my Aunt Yah and uncle Zul with my lovely cousin Najwa to join us.I learn recently,Najwa was interviewed in the latest issue of Kawan,seem like my cousin has become quite a celebrity eh?=)Anybody want a signature?=p

The next day, i went back to my Uni,to settle the loan.Upon reaching the campus,i saw a bunch of production member.Seems like they will be shooting film.Want any extra? ngeh.It takes me almost 2 hours to settle all of the documents related.After settle those thing we went to Jusco Taman Maluri.Well i already reach there once.(unintentionally) that i meant lost hehehe..So i,met up with my mum and my aunt Nurzita.We decided to try the new restaurant name the new curry ( i think i get the name right hurm)..Well, this restaurant seems to be specialize in curry.We order prawn curry,Sotong curry,Kepala ikan curry.For me, sweet and sour chicken.Well although they are specialized in curry seem they didnt serve chicken lame is that hahaha…

sotong curry,prawn curry,kepala ikan curry
sotong curry,prawn curry,kepala ikan curry

After a while, my aunt went to fetch her son from school.Me and my parents went home first to clean ‘myself’ up before we headed to Pavilion to get some stuff for aunt fatimah.Well recently her husband has won himself a third place at surfing competition at Cherating.So he received a voucher for Billabong product.Well its up to me to choose those items for him,ngeh..Well i went to my favorite outlet while i was there.Seems like there are no new product came.So i decide to let myself indulge with my favorite food,Teppanyaki.Yum yum..hehehe after filling my stomach with such delicious dish.We went straight back home.Guess i will not be able to watch my Puaka Niyang Rapik to night ngeh~~

mouth watering beef teppanyaki
mouth watering beef teppanyaki



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