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So today supposedly there’s a bbq at pantai sepat.Since its raining heavily,it has to postpone from morn to evening.Regret it now that i didnt sleep all night.Its so cold and breezy.Imagine sleeping in that condition under a soft and warm blanket in a dark room.Pergh masyuk!!!The event started at 3 something,but unlucky for me i didnt have any transportation.So i have to forget about it.I continue my slumber until 6 o clock.Wake up only to eat something to satisfy my hunger.

At night,there was a family gathering at Johnny’s.My cousin from Aus just came back.Long time no see eh?She grows more beautiful than the last time i saw her.Chubbier too hehehe…So we just hang around,takes some picha,bullying each other and so .. after the dinner,i went to play bowling.Hurm seems like the lane its not in proper care.Hurm, if only my sifu was here.Then abg call me to accompany him,guess what eating..since its raining heavily and the Bmw’s wiper is not working properly..i ask him to wait for me until i finish my game..548 for 3 games..hurm i think im getting really bad in bowling.So after i send my parents home,I went to this Midnight Restaurant to meet up with this boys.Its so cold and freezing last nite.haih..wish i was wearing a sweater.

After finish my ice lemon tea,the twins went to play futsal…Me?futsal?hahaha..nope..nope thanks futsal is not my idea of keeping healthy as some might say.Im healthy enough without it.Well maybe some of you might have different idea about it,well we all are dont we?It keeps me wondering,why people should pay for something that can be get for free?just go to any field and play football there..why pay for it?funny isnt it…well its your money not mine…Besides that,one thing i see, lots of my friend after a game of futsal,they get hurt.They always do.Hurt their legs,limping,broken glasses,injure their ankle,some of them have to stop play bowling for a while,well pardon me if i dont want to fall into same category.There is one case,where some girl (well you guys who were there must know this story) shoot the ball directly to a ..should i say private part of a guy.OUchhhhh!!! If the guy has problem with his toot in the future, I wont have any nephew or niece haahahaha…sorry Mr.A.But some people said no pain, no game right?



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