I love writing.I feel that by writing, I could pour my heart contents into a piece of paper and share it with the world.Some might be a bunch of craps, some really meant something to me.Gadget is my choice of obsession, without them, the world won't be as cool as it is now.

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  1. haha!~ actually, i also dunno bout jeju island.. it just i saw many korean drama and they always mention bout jeju island. even have a shoot overthere.. nice place i think.. :-D

    i think everybody got a wrong person. dats not me. sorry guys, i`m not a celebrity, but if u still want my signature, dats ok !~ :cute:

  2. sorry guys.. i`m just jokin.. i`m not korean (but can speak korean :-D a lil bit) i`m 80% malay actually and 20% chinese( my great grandparents) ;-) but dunno y i look like korean? hurm.. :cute: hehe..

    tak sabar? time kacih abg.. abg fadli jeles ngan sume rasenyer.. hahaha :devil:

  3. u didnt wish my birthday, dear..
    its sad, so sad,.. its a sad sad situation.. and its gettin more and more absurd~

    ~ aku juga hanya inginkan kau setia..~
    love dat song baby~

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