It’s finally over

Da Princ3

After that tough journey across the examination it’s finally over. I thankful  to Allah s .w. t since i manage to get through these hard examination question and i can only pray for the best result. The last paper was the continuous signal and system which is the hardest subject i have taken this semester. Mind you i didn’t slept for almost 3 days with fear inside of me. The legend that this paper was taken at least twice from the senior and even the best of the student manage to scratch  a C+ for the subject send chill down to my spine. It’s true that i manage to get a considerably good carry mark but it didn’t managed to ease the fear i felt within me. With eye bag and my nose running fast, i step into the hall. Before this, me and a couple of friend was held up by the prefect and his reason was me came late. Damn, we are already there for half an hour the only problem was, that we didn’t hear he call out for the subject. Yeah,yeah, blame us for your voice is to soft. Don’t mind that, sitting on the chair with heart beating faster than (insert your preference here), I open the question paper, Oh MY God!! the first part is the exactly the same question i just did few hours ago, and the second part was the one im having a hard time with to find where did the 1/3 came. Thanks to MIMI (Zulhilmi to you) Hey this 1/3 came from the formula!!!! thanks for i already started to bang my head onto the wall try to figure out where did the thing came from.So 2 hours running fast, and WE are free weeeee!!!!!.

I went to the finance department to claim my check and i was glad that the counter was empty comparing to those at student affair.I smirk to myself, presses the bell and down came the Kakak

“Kak, saya datang nak ambik check…”

“OH!! check kene amik dekat student affair”

Gulp~ so i have to mingle with those people gathering at the student affair? Serve me right hahaha. I didn’t take too long though..Well, upon receiving the check, it wasn’t the amount in expected. But still it’s money right. My friend told me that I need to go to the MARA itself to settle the problem. Shoot ~ so I ran back to the hostel afterwards. Finish packing all the stuff, getting ready to send it back to my parent. Seems like i won’t be coming home today. I push myself into Maz room and crash for few hours. It’s nearly 4 and i forget that in need to see the Dean for the cop and signature. So after getting ready, i went straight to the Dean office. Welcome myself in and went straight to the Dean office.

Eh, EH nak ke mana tu dik?

Jumpe Dean

Tunggu jap yer, Dean on the phone

So i help myself to the comfortable chair of the administration office. Waited almost 45 minutes and the Dean welcoming meshed inquire a few information and the he accept my request. Thanking the Dean i went back to hostel, saying goodbye to few of my friend who are already ready to left. See you next semester guys. So i waited for 8 p.m for my bowling meeting, hurm it’s so frustrated waiting without doing anything. The time come and i went to the JPM room (the Jabatan Perwakilan Mahasiswa).I we discuss about the event, what to wear, and the training schedule. Aduyai it wasn’t suppose to refer as training, it’s playing bowling for god sake and I’ll be doing it with or without even entering this tournament. Part of me kot. Since we did not have coaches, it wasn’t suppose to call as training am i right? I can do the same thing in my beloved hometown or anywhere as long as the have alley and pin to throw at ( what kind of sentence is this?).So either i like it or not..I have to endure it don’t i? If it was up to me, i even consider to draw from the squad, but it will damage my reputation don’t i? left the squad at the critical time seems like it wasn’t such a good idea. Before went to the tourney event, will we go to Pangkor first, i heard the estimation for the Pangkor Project is almost RM20,000.HUrm, really i think that my uni branch is one of the richest uni branch hahahaha. Except for its crappy management that is…

bbq rib ( me and tacik)
bbq rib ( me and tacik)

ending the discussion at 9p.m my aunt call that she will bring my cousin Ameer to TGI Friday.Well, i know what she is up to hehehe. Unfortunately for me, Zali who promise to send me to Putra station gave his brother his car key, Alamak. Hurm, it’s ok i find another alternative and thank to Fizan i made it to putra at 9.15p.m..I reach Pavilion at almost 10.00 p.m. with me carrying two begs and a sweater, i imagine how i looks like when i reach the Pavi, Sweaty and smelly. Yuck~( Can believe i said that to myself) i went upstairs and order the same thing like my cousin Ameer was having the BBQ rib. Well, it taste wonderful. At the middle of having such delicious dinner, the staffs came and ask me to sit on the high table and sing. They mistaken me for the birthday boy hahaha. Quickly i said

“the birthday boy is over there” ( cakap omputih la plak)

So i stop on meal and grab the camera and start shooting like some kind of paparazzi. I guess Ameer already saw this coming don’t you Ameer? So i would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to AMEER FARHAN and GOD BLESS YOU.(7th of MAY 2009).

Ameer and the staff singing to him happy birthday song
Ameer and the staff singing to him happy birthday song

So that’s the end of 7TH MAY

the Asam Boi
the Asam Boi

The night before the signal, Me, Maz, Najib ,Norbit and Zul went to the Ansi Lemak Antarabangsa tAman Melati Branch.



Since i already ate nasi lemak on the evening, eating the same thing didn’t come to my intention so i order some Penang laKSA YUM YUM. Well, it was not that good my you, and the nasi lemak was expensive cause plus the drink it already reach rm10 what ta?i ate the same thing only for 3 bucks man.


Well, somebody even introduce me to rm 15 for nasi lemak only so the price didn’t shock me that much. Even fill our stomach with the delicacies, we went home.I remember the day before that, Norbit was suggesting that we ate the Mcsaver rm5.95(ifi was not mistaken) at MCd.So he suggest JJ setiawangsa.Let me tell you something, near the Taman Melati there’s a MC d and they want to go to setiawangsa?HAih~ nevermind that, so wupon reaching the place guess what? THERE IS NO MACDONALD AT JJ SETIAWANGSA!!!!!WHAT TA TO YOU NORBIT (joking, joking) so afterward. We went to the KFC for lunch. Eating our meal, my friend are discussing about ghost and legend at our hostel. Send chill to my spine i tell you. First come the story from Maz…


“Dulu2 dkt futsal court kite ade  lubang and kat situ la selalu bebudak fly.Korunk tau tak yang dekat futsal kite tu ade kubur belakang tu?besar giler.Dulu, before lelaki pindah asrama baru,asrama lama(asrama perempuan sekarang).ada budak kene histeria, so time tu aku nak pegi tgk,tetiba dekat pintu masuk aku ade lembaga besar giler warna itam.

NOrbit: oh itu penunggu


Maz:aku tgh pegang gelas mase tu,then aku campak gelas tu kat die and then die ilang…

Story from norbit

“Dulu aku selalu bangun mandi memalam,sampai skang,member seme tegah aku buat macam tu.Tapi aku relaks jer.So one day aku terbangun.Nak minum air, then aku ternampak ade bende duduk dekat katil member aku,so aku ingat itu die,datang dekat rupanya budak kecik,then aku selamba bangun minum and then tido balik.Satu kes lagi time tu, aku dalam bilik ngan member aku, then member aku nak gi toilet,halfway die jenguk pale die kat luar, die masuk balik muke pucat.aku kata nape?die kata takde mende.Dulu bilik aku kat tepi tangga so kalau tengok tingkap leh nampak tangga.So die cite die nampak pocong sebebnarnya, aku pun pandang ke tingkap, tetiba pocong tu jengah muke die kat aku terkejut seyh…

story from Maz lagi

ade satu malam aku pegi lepak kat bilik iron, mengadap ke futsal court, then aku nampak pontianak, kat pokok – pokok belakangfutsal tu, die pandang aku dan die mengilai kuat – kuat.meremang bulu roma aku.Lari terus aku dalam bilik.Dulu banyak seyh memende tu kat sini.Skang banyak manusia jahat jer haih.

Boy pernah nampak gak kan?time die main futsal.Die ternampak sekilas pandang.Lepas tu die gi tenung and tegur,demam die lepas tu.Kan sir roy kata jgn men futsal lepas kul 12.Tu la akibat die aduyai~

After discussing about the spirit thingy, we went back to the hostel.

Today, i went to the Mara as planned. Taking putra, exchange with Star and went to the bandaraya. Waiting at bahagian penganjuran fr 45 minutes. Meeting with the officer in charge, settle things, went to the 15th floor, get the correct department but wrong floor for the person i seek,so i went back to 14th floor and guess what? the officer in charge was not in..luckily i ask if i can meet anyone else beside him. And came another officer settle my case in less than 5 minutes. And i went to the KLCC since it will be unwise thing to do going back to Ampang at 5 o clock in the evening. I went to the Kinokuniya BoookStore. I don’t know why, if i have a lot of money i wanted to buy myself a book shop or library. I love the smell of the book and seeing every books queve up with the volume and series in order makes me comfortable. One thing i hate is that little pest that likes book if you left your book to long, there will be some sort of bug living in that book. It will eat the paper and made nest in it. Feeling bored i went to the magazine section and grab myself a magazine and went straight to the starbuck cafe one floor below the store. With my caramel afogato, i thought it would be a peaceful time for me, my wish.


After a while my aunt call and ask me to buy tickets for mongol but since it’s 18 above rated, we have to change it to Wolverine. So, i went to the pavilion to buy the tickets. Walking through the aquaria, i find it easy to get to the pavilion without using public transport. Mind you this is the first time i try use this routes i went and bought ticket for 10.20p.m show. I help myself around the pavilion looking for shoes. I went to Z and unfortunately for me all the shoes that capture my heart have pig skin lining.I ask opinion from Adikk and he thinks that all the shoe was made only for pig, i laugh my heart out hearing this (for those of you who can figure out who adik is referring to must be smiling to yourself right now.)hehehe…Oh don’t be mad if YOU’re reading this. Accept who you are it will make thing easier.(what the hell im talking about?) forget it im just playing with you. Continue on.

My aunt arrive at 10.00

and we met up at Thai’s Express. The food was great, if was not for my ulcer i already finish it ..sorry aunt. So we went to the movie theatre, and my aunt bought popcorn and some snack. Unfortunately the popcorn didn’t taste so good, since it already “masuk angin” (can’t figure the right word in english).I went back to the seller and made an exchange …Then enjoy the movie which i already seen before it was even released, the unfinished version. Afterward we went back home. And here I’m writing this blog, Its already 2.23 in the morning so good morning and sleep tight everybody.



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