I reached this beloved place yesterday with unc Ramlan.Seems like there’s nothing change in Kuantan.I noticed that there are settlement already build near the UMP.According to my friend that will be the new place for the student.Well, i went to the secret recipe to bought something for my love one, unfortunately, she wasn’t here so i guess it was not your day la dear.Afterward, i spend my days sleeping like a bear.Since i only manage to sleep for like 3 hour for the last paper, i guess it is time to replace it.Bro Pokko calling me about some bussiness opportunity and we decide to meet up the next day.

Come the next day.Hey did i mention i just install the romance of the three kingdom online?Well quite frankly i must say there’s something about this era that capture my attention.For those who watch the Red cliff of the Battle of the Chibi must be familiar with this title.I currently on level 14.Yee pee.I just kill the yellow turban or scarf Deng mao general.Thanks to my new friend on the server who help me a lot.I was on the Shu side an my ambition is to become the next Zhao Yun, one of the 5 tiger general of Shu.Well i also downloaded a movie called my bloody valentine.Well, there’s nothing much to see except lots of disbowelment and blood through the movie.Supposely we met up at 8,since there’s a match between MU and MC so it was reschedule to 10 p.m

At 10.p.m, i met with NAz and Duta at Starbuck, together with Mr Pokko.After a serious discussion,Eceh~ and emptied our venti drinks,we decided to adjourned the meeting.Pokko wants to have his usual half boiled egg, so we head up to the kopitiam afterwards.After mumbling and ranting about all type of stuff, we went backk home.I learnt that the twins are curremtly working at the nearby hotel, helping their uncle.Seem like my desire for ‘Kerang’ can be fullfill to night.By the way i can’t wait to get my hand on my escada hehehe.Well, i went back home only to found out that the latest game i downloaded cant be play (Damn, wasting my time only for 2.96G).Well, it cant be help, atleast i managed to play the hospital tycoon hehehe….So i think i log in for some action on the 3 kingdom and hit the sack afterward, oh sorry Iman, i forgot that we suppose to met today, but i guess you are quite busy yourself since there are no response from you.

“Is the glass half empty or is it half full?”




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