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Last weekend was my beloved cousin YM Radin Ku Farah Mahiah wedding’s, and I must say that it was very classy and superb kind of event.For three days, I been working as the unofficial photographer, developing my skill into the world of lenses.I learn a lesson or two about lenses and how it can be really irritating when you didn’t have the proper , suitable lenses for the picture that you want to capture.I regret that I had left my wide angle lenses back in Kuantan, I really do.Most of the angle that I have to capture was wasted, and most of the group photo was become impossible to capture.Lack of a speed-lite also add to the major disaster not to mention I have set the picture quality to small size resulting the photo been compress into a average quality.The photo didn’t come out nicely after I sent it to the nearby photo studio add to the pain that I have already felt.However , the event was GREAT.I get to meet all of the relatives, make new friends, discovered new people and develop a new ways to capture photo without the suitable lenses.The akad nikah was held at my cousin house in Subang Jaya.I reached my uncle’hse at 6.00 p.m, last Friday after finished check in into our apartment near the Dynasty Hotel. I met Jon, my cousin’s YM Ku Airah’s friend. :-P He’s a nice young man.And through the wedding, I have been sharing a few things with him.Get a little information about Australia.Hurm, maybe after graduation, a trip to Australia wouldn’t be a bad idea. 8-)

Abg Hafiz, now officially my abg with only one try ( is this the correct terms..) became my oldest cousin’s husband.The event was attended by the  HH Tunku Najihah bt Almarhum Tunku Besar Burhanuddin.The event went successfully and finally finished around 1 o clock in the morning.(or atleast).

The moment
The bride

The next day, i went back to my uncle’s hse for the khatam Quran ceremony.Become the only photographer for the occasion, I felt a little nervous( not as nervous as I was as last night) capturing those picture while everybody was reciting Doa and stuff.

In the evening, i went to Pavilion to grab my favourite Teppanyaki delicacy.Afterwards, we went to my Uncle Zul new house and we had our ‘seafood dinner” in Taman Melawati together.

On Sunday morning, there was a rehearsal session at Dewan Felda Villa for tonight ceremony.Met my cousin, Aly as he will replace my uncle becoming the MC for the night.The decoration was superb and elegance, not to mention sense of royalty around the hall.The flower decoration was beautiful, and the stage which where the couple will be watched by the whole guests was marvelous.Two big screen to project the event can be seen hanging on both side of the stage.And watch out guys, I might made an appearance in the television   :-D …

The hall
With the cousins and the aunties



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