Crab , Ikan bakar dan hot dog

This morning, I went to Tma’s house as early as 11 o clock..( early ker?)… Need to discuss about the little project that we both already planned this semester break.After a couple of out off tunes version of ‘the meadow’ :-D , we both agreed I’m totally was not born to play musical instruments hahaha.And then came Qistina, who played her own “creative musical notes”..Needless I need to say, she was better than me.

A,E,D,B,F,E,A like this okay?

After been dragged to hear the tutorial from Qistina, the little tutor need to take a shower.Smelly cat, smelly cat , where have you been?After reach our conclusion, the little angel, Trisyia are back.Well the her performance last night was awesome.Gained a little popularity aren’t you nowadays?

more tutorial?Im eating la wei

So after giving Qistina some cookies I went to the Grand Continental to meet up with my aunt, datin Nor family for lunch.After few practical jokes, and sad and burn faces.We decided to hangout afterwards.I went home to pick up my little brother a we went to IM to pick up Nazz, Tasha and Adik.Our first stop, The green building, Oh I’mm sorry, the blue and brown building to sent our lovely 360  to the shop .It’s been down for quite sometimes now and something needs to be done to makesure it get back on it’s feet again, not that it had any legs hahaha.

Since the starbuck is full we decide to take our lovely evening at the nearby cafe near ECM, since I can get a pretty good deal from it,the cafe has been our favorite place for quite sometimes, right Nazz?

Drop by at Puteri’s shop :-D  and bought us some hot dog at the cinema.We went to the beach afterwards…Its been quite some times since I saw to domain of Poseidon.(too much of percy jackson)…

this is your share of the sand, this is mine..said Nazz to Iq
nyum nyum, eh dont take my pictha la..

i saw something in the sky, I think it’s an alien want to kidnap me and bring me to their leader, and make me one of the alien’s top model hahaha

Alien in the sky

So my aunt caLLed her daughter tasha to know where have we been.Seems like I need to stop kidnapping these cuzzy of mine ngeh~~ Next stop, the sri tanjung seafood.So as you can imagined, CRAB With Chilli’s, Ikan Bakar and mushroom Soup.Splendid and Marvelous.NExt day we have plan another session of enjoyment and craps..So tune in folks tomorrow.ADEY OUS~



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