Bearer of disappointment

One of my love one’s and my dearest already heard about what happened. It’s hard to see how somebody that love someone so much, could showed such disappointment.I’m sorry cause I’m the one who have to be the messenger, because that coward can lied to her right to her face.Coward, yes you are.

Well maybe coward suitable with coward, that jackass kept talking big in the phone, but never have the guts to come and face me face to face.For a balachi, there’s no surprises there.Maybe the faults lies with the parents who don’t know how to brought up that child of yours.Are you really that afraid of me that somehow after hearing my voice through the phone, make you not hesitate to block me from your fb?chicken wuss…

Bah and Az must be vely vely disepointet with you la.. the only right thing is to name you Nor, its suits you vely well I tell you… chicken-wuss + pussy  equals to…. you are brilliant so make your own calculation… :doctor: = :pig: ….. and I  bet you are not going to do anything about it even if you read this … cause man make their own mistake and do the right but pussy like you just sit, watch and accept.

*This entry got nothing to do with anyone… xcept him

winslow the ratboy

thanks Aina for making me realize the similarities, tak percaya gi google.Kalau nak cari something similar with me sila google Robert P and Daniel Radcliffe.. :-D



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