So it’s been a very busy time for me nowadays. Start with Monday, I had my presentation on the management principle. Seems like everybody are arguing about who is going to present since none of them have completed their assignment. So, as the sole team that manages to get the job done, we were asked to present on that very without full preparation. It wasn’t so bad since we got the compliment from the so call strict lecturer, Sir Pauzi. At least my work is done here accept for the 5000 words worth of report need to be submit. In Professional communication subject, I haven’t select my title for the public speaking section. I’m giving everybody else ideas and I left with none.

Tuesday start with signal. I’m not comfortable since my mark for quiz hasn’t been recovered yet and if the paper was indeed lost and I’m doom. The lecture went so so with everybody still in their sleep mode with the topic is so complicated it makes the whole class gloomy except a few interruptions from the lecturer own jokes that make those people realize that they are in the class not in their bedroom. The math in the afternoon is easy, yet the formula is almost unrecalled able. Fortunately they will include it in the examination.

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. The professional communication class was cancel and I only got class at 10 which is the favorites subject the management ngeh, too much information to gather and to be jot down and to acknowledge. Some of the guys went in and out of the class like they don’t even realize that we are having a class. Fortunately the lecturer doesn’t seem to notice this or acting like he hasn’t notices anything. Afternoon come the subject micro – p. There was a test regarding our second assignment and I think I manage to explain the program briefly. Now, it’s only matter of time for the assignment 1 which is the project. Most of the guys trying so hard to make a complicated circuit and it seem they neglected the main idea of the project that is to make a program and make sure that it works. Seem 2 out of 10 circuit constructed can function properly.

Today the class start at 12.Heaven isn’t it? I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the submission might be postponed and the bad news is I haven’t even started the working process just yet. In the evening, guys already talking about the signal assignment which was due tomorrow. Hurm…At night, mandarin class reach it final class so good bye madam Chong and we wish you and our marks well. Hahahaha .I got meeting with the team manager for the university bowling team. Seem like I’m will indulge myself into the world of pin and ball once again. Miss those days. I just finish my signal assignment. Yeah right, at least only half of it. The second half I don’t have any idea. I need to check back with a few friends tomorrow to settle the problem. Since it almost 4.30 a.m. I’m going to hit the sack nite, nite.



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