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Busy,busy and busy.One word that could describe me lately.Thought some of them already done, but the flow keeps on coming like the ‘tsunami’.I know that busy can’t be reasonable since everybody is busy with their life.But still~I’m Busy!!

Well, this new lifestyle i had really exhausting.Sleep at 4 a.m. wake up at 7 a.m. Got to do something before my mind blown up.This peaceful not so quite night which fill with snoring from my roommates and  underclassmen from upstairs who seem like they thought 4 a.m is 4 p.m. Wake up people!! You are disturbing those who need some peaceful slumber.

While my hand  is typing, mind brain is trying to figure out about the subject control system and also management.As far as i’m concern i love this subject.Strange?yup it’s really strange indeed.Well maybe at least i know where to apply this kind of knowledge instead of those complex math which i doubt that i will be using them when i land myself a job.

I got a message from my cousin, Mr. Duta asking me about a MLM thingy.Well, i heard that lots of people already enter and abandon the program.i got some friend who like this sort of business.One advise people if it ask you to seek people and they don’t even have a product,it a scam.So beware of this type of business cause some of them are genuine but part of them are scammed.

I finish my class at 10.20 p.m. just now.And i would to apologies to Zahid who already reserved me a seat for the Oscar night.i appreciated that and i heard the occasion run smoothly.Good for you bro.i went upstairs just to finish my reading on the control system.At the same time, i came up with a few photo that i already alter.Well, i get a little bit stressful and since i haven’t got any X box 360 or Psp with me,I guess it editing picture ngeh~it’s nothing special just a couple of old picture i put up together.

The Jungle
The Jungle

And here is another one dedicated to MR Eddy and GG.

3 of a kind
3 of a kind

OK got to go.sayonara~



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