Ice skating

It has been a busy week for me.With final examination around the corner and the assignment submission is near, seems like there are no space to breath.I just pass up the control system report last Friday.Now there’s only left the report for microprocessor and management.I was planning to meet with Miss D over the weekend, seem like that’s not going to happen.following her suggestion, I follow my friend to the Sunway pyramid for some action =).After a harshly journey using those public transport and my stomach disease, finally we reach Sunway.I went there with President, Zariah, Zahid and Khidir.Before indulging ourselves with embarrassment, we decided to have lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken.All of us,(except me) we eager to play that thing.

So at 2p.m we are ready to hit the ice.Unfortunate news for us that we have been inform that the ice rink will be close at 3 p.m due to the international competition of figure ice skating tournament.This news create some conflict whether does it worth it to play for another 1 an a half hour.Mind you the cost is rm rm26 since its weekend.Well, we are here don’t we so let just get started.Funny thing when get onto the ice for the first time in many years.Well i manage to adapt to the environment quickly but not for Zahid and Khidir.They manage to fall quite a lot ehehe..Well like they say,no pain, no game.Well, well seems like Zariah is quite good with this sport, if you don’t mention the breaking technique i meant.Same goes for me, and i tell you this sport need lots of courage and stability.I manage to fall gracefully and skillful without having to embarrass myself.Yeah right, i was soaking wet cause the ice is starting to melt.2 times i fall, the first was cause by the dry part ice which make my shoe stuck, and the other one is when i try to show off that i can move faster and the large amount of water contribute to my downfall hahahaha…After 1 an a half hours, it seem like my feet is numb and there’s a pain at my finger thanks to those fall.One of the customer fall right down on his face and blood starting to come out from the wound.Ouch i can i imagine the feeling eeee…thank God it never happen to me, so my advise to you,fall on your backside and having a big backside in this case is an advantage hehehe…

I went back to the university at 6 o clock and found my roommate is sleeping soundly, unintentionally, i join him (bad habit).I woke up at night to have my dinner and continue my report on management.I manage to type almost 1500 word and when i read it back, i think its all crap..Haih need to alter it afterward…guess that’s all from me until next time..

me on action
me in action



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