So today,(Monday to be exact)…i awoke around noon,get ready for the important meeting with the jinxcrew member.At the said time i met up with them at starbuck Megamall, we are having difficulties to discuss since the server is down.Nazz came up with a proposal its a good one actually but im not the one who you need to convince hehehe…

Brother Pokko came soon after that from his office across the street bringing some idea for the project.Guess thing will be busy around here.Finish discussing, we went upstair to take a look a the alley.Well, i can’t avoid this place can i?meet old friends and aquaintances.See new faces, a lots of new trainee under Sis Wai Teng “Ganbante” to you.I went downstairs to find Mr. Pokko at the phone shop together with Nazz, and the tokey say

“Haiya, lama tak nampak…Sudah kurus lor”

Well i prefer kurus rather than u said to my face “u r getting fat” hehehe joking…

After making few sick jokes at the store, well this is our favourite past time , come to the shop, tin kosong tin kosong, and then cabut without buying  single things hehe…I follow Taufiq home and he drop me at Pantai selamat where i grab the last stock of Chipster,mind you this snack is fantastic.After a while i went back home with my parent whose currently shop the grocery thingy.Its lightning everywhere and it signal that i can’t on9.Damn it..well, i spend the day sailing through the open seas (sleep la).After the storm subsides, i went on9 to the Romance of the three Kingdom wee.At 12.30p.m Abg msg me, asking to join them having supper.Well, no problem over there”how about we went and pekena kerang bakar?” “NO HAL”

So we went to our favourite spot PADI.This place was introduce by one of my friend Azi.And that was the first time i ate kerang bakar instead of rebus and i kinda like it.We ate 2kg of kerang hahaha.Well, our stomach full of kerang and to my surprise Abg order 4 glass of teh o ais limau.Adik order himself a less delicious meal.After that i went back home and they went back to work at the hotel ( Haaaa~~) suspicious isn’t it…NO dirty thought k?

Today i spend my day at home.On9 and finish a couple of games.Finally i finish the call of of duty 5: world at war.Last time at the hostel, i already finished up Fire Emblem from nintendo DS.NOw im having difficulty in making decision which game should i play.I ate nasi minyak ayam kari in the evening.Spending the night watching the hikaru no go anime hurm it was not so bad.I love it hahaha going into the third episode now.Duta call at 12a.m and said that we got some work from the Jabatan Perlancongan Pahang for the upcoming rakit tournament.So i went to settle the project at his palace at Indera Mahkota.

Oh BTW happy birthday Aunty Nor for your birthday, sorry if the present is unsuitable hehehe.God Bless You and happy always.I have to consider about the plan to Singapore.I give you the answer as soon as possible yar?Well, we working until 5 a.m and i decided that we need to sleep.HAHA…yeah right, it’s already 5.30 in the morning and im typing this better hit the sack oh how about a romance of three kingdom first hehehe

Oh lastly enjoy the dance from Tissue.




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