It’s dawn already and i haven’t slept since yesterday.Checking on my schedule, there’s a lot of thing that need to be done and to my surprise, i haven’t done any.Have  you ever heard the phrase when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail?Failure is not an option that I had in mind, although, most of the things that currently happening around me hint that it might go on this failure path of destruction.Day after day , people already stating to count on the upcoming day of the greatest celebration of all, The Hari Raya, the day that we celebrate our winning in conquering our lust and desire over the past one month.For me, it just another to remind myself that i have yet to submit all of my assignment..Duh~

Never thought the week before Raya will be this pack.Yesterday, Abg ask me to ‘lepak’ with him at wangsa maju.Since i didn’t had any vehicle, so the plan ws cancelled.Seems like he got himself a pair of crocs slipper eh?Good for you, and just wait people will start refering you as the ‘croc land’ terminology that I got from Mr Maz.hehehe it was a joke ok Abg?

So, what we had today?nothing much except spending most of the time on the laptop and bed.Palying the Suikoden on the NDS and research a little bit about safety and health assignment.Zul already went back to Kajang and without him to discussed with,my attempt on the discrete MATHLAb assignment would be fruitless.Kinda like my Sifu with the MATHLAB thingy.Afif and Maz are preocupied with their own assignment and hell, am i the lucky one here eh?

This week, there going to be a trip to Muzium Kesenian Islam for the IST subject and mind you, im not to kkeen about this trip since it was made on thursday which i have a class that i didn’t intend to skip.Come on, can’t something be done about the time, like make it to the weekend…Well, if you ask me, i prefer to do the trip on weekend instead of spending 2 hours in a museum.Well, i know ‘ we need to appreciated the history..and etc’ but i can’t seem to agree skipping my discrete signal class just to take a look at the old manuscript and old picture in the museum.If only the day could be change to other date or something since i don’t like skipping class.

Today, both of my roomates planning to do the safety and health assignment.I hope so.



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