Congratulation Trisyia!

Congratulation to Trisyia for winning the dutchlady competition that was held today at the OU shopping mall.Kecil2 bakatnya dalam nyanyian telah di akui oleh masayarakat umum.For those yang currently following my blog,mesti pernah come across a few video clip of her singing some of her favorite songs such as Matahari and Persis Mutiara.Hope this will be the first into the world of entertainment and maybe will be an international Superstar one day ( semua nak international sekarang :-D )

Penyokong2 dan supporter2 bergamabr bersama Pemenang
Penyokong2 dan supporter2 bergambar bersama Pemenang

Nuraina Batrisyia
Nuraina Batrisyia

After the prize giving ceremony, we went straight back to Kuantan.Grab a bite at the local Johnny’s restaurant with Duta,Nazz,Tasha and Adik and fortunately for me I got finished all the salad heh.I’m already full from the delicious salmon teppanyaki that i had before that.Quick peek at the Canon centre and bought myself 50mm potrait lense (waiting for the photo session Dya :camera: ) and eager to test it.

Went to the nearby Starbuck’s cafe to grab the lovely chocolate cream (no afogato today since I was planning to have a good nite sleep and look at me, typing this blog during dawn)…Hangout at the tjantek to pick Syura , and had a little chat with My uncle about his latest house’s designs.

Meeting with Amiw in the kitchen, and she made a hilarious joke.One word came up, bucuk2krul :rotfl: .Remind me of something from the past,and thinking back again, which one is “bucuk’ either, busuk hati,busuk mulut,busuk nafas,busuk ketiak,busuk bo****,busuk gigi, busuk rambut,busuk perangai,busuk kentut …….. (feel free to continue hehehe)…we laughed so hard, reminding ourselves that there’s a person,(person kot? :pig: ) even used that word for her url in myspace, even when she with someone else , she hasn’t changed it to other type of bucuk2,well love is blind, i know love is blind.Within her heart,she love my cousin, or should I said ‘Cousins” :rotfl: .May it was her destiny to serve :dog: my cousins until the end of time.God bless you cousins, :-D

Oh, just had a little chat with Ami, and currently she is in the business of  selling shawl.Anyone who interested can go to her site and choose them yourselves.I thought i can get lesser price than the original, but Ami quote “family kena tolong family” so the price sudah kasi up kalau family :shock: ..hahaha



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  2. Well, when you serve the rich, selera mesti tinggi :laugh: hope to see it serve the family for a very long time…
    Raiko:do what you must..

  3. CORRECTION:It didn’t ate sushi king as far as i concerned…but maybe now it does. 8-)

  4. you not telling me it ate sushi king,kfc,delifrance,mcd and drinks coffee bean and starbuck are you?hahahaha :-D

  5. raiko:i thought there’s only monkey’s love…never imagine there’s dog’s love. :-D
    fyna:be careful what you wish for,you might just get it.And partly on ur comment on scoob’s is correct, it only supply will be food but didn’t think it would like scobby snack, it prefer much expensive dishes so be prepare…and super intelligent ?i didnt think it’s the correct word, more towards human just might be the case. 8-)

  6. Where can i find of those?maybe i could let him run my errand, like shopping or buying cake or even become my driver and stuff…create a blog or write blog, it need to be super intelligent like scooby.. :dog: providing that you gave it scoobby snack hehehe when there’s a food involved anything can be accomplish, save budget hehe

  7. its call dog love man, you dont want to see the dog suffer,become moody and grumpy, just put it out of it’s misery.KEPANG!!!! :zombiekiller:

  8. lil princess:i didnt know…seems like everyone want to be international brand nowadays hurmm….goodluck…
    raiko:you r so cruel la brother, how can you shoot something that has been serve you?kejam dowh, its not a C&C dog where you can tesla coil its arse hehehe
    fyna:be careful, you might even get the type that can write or even create blog for you… :rotfl:

  9. wooo you even got you own brand of t- shirt?is it for sale?when your :dog: gets old just shoot the creature and get yourself a new one.I did mind…

  10. it was hotel room service… and it’s music will make you go crazy on the dance floor. 8-)
    well compare to the other, atleast pittbull can sing and dance.hehehe :laugh:

  11. Amran:Yup, it was passed from one cousin to the other one.Very useful, since we can asked it to do plenty of jobs.Nowadays, it seems a little hard to control, maybe its getting rusty and old. ;-)
    sweet little princess:well,lucky for THEM, not for me,I’m not into dogs,however i really appreciate it’s intelligence that almost human…hehehe 8-) and BTW since when you become dog expert ney?
    fyna:yup seronok sangat die ,we even have fan club made for her,pitbull?hehehe love the song and my Miss D favorite is the latest hit hotel sevices (did i get the title correctly?) :-P
    faressha:itu kelebihan wordpress,if there’s an upcoming event i will put up a notice,really?you want one?maybe you can get it from nearby pet shop or something, i know there’s one in midvalley.Hurm, trisyia also love to play the :dog: before, well i say it quite obedient you see when the first owner abandon it,it could find it’s own way to trisyia house and played with her.Mind you, it was very close with my friends even till now,FYI :dog2: is very loyal you know? :laugh:

  12. banyak betul emoticon disini…BTW congrates trisyia…Hope to see you peform hurm…uuuuuu a :dog2: ..can i have i?

  13. wow!!!! wait, wait let me get this straight, you guys ade :dog2: untuk peliharaan ker?and it serve your cousins?

  14. sebab situation lain konon, yang selok tu yang pakai , maklumlah :dog2: family kita…lepas ney tak tahu lah die serve sapa pulak, kang die cari awak pulak pasal die kata awak handsome dari pae :rotfl: …

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