Kadang-kala kita harapkan sesuatu tidak terjadi, tapi ia terjadi juga.What a way to ruin everything.Kudos to you.You have successful drop a Hiroshima’s bom.I should have learn my lesson from my past experience, maybe i already seen it coming but I refuse to admit it.Well,maybe that’s why they call love is blind.Getting tired of being blind all the time.

I fall for everything, the act, the story, the hint.Everything.In the end, I was just a piece of pawn in somebody’s sick games.An entertainment to be watch, to manipulate, and at last to be destroyed when it became dull.Have to give the one who pulling all the string credit for the great job.Great job, well done.

I have been taken advantages since I’m vulnerable.I thought it was real, yeah, I really do, but in the end, its all part of charade.The point that manage to make me really fall, is I’m the one who successfully destroyed in the mission of tearing down the wall built around the heart.Wow!! make me seems like some kind of hero.Fortunately, as what I have expected long time ago came came to unfold, I already built my own fortress of solitude.

Why I kept tagging along?because there was so much hopes that have been given to me, and to many of them are in positive kind of ways.When you feed with lies, that great,every single day, you can’t balme yourself being a dumb ass to believe such fairy tales.At that time, I know that somehow,one of us is going to get hurt, and I thought my percentages was the lowest.sadly, I was wrong since I’m the one who is being played.

The family really does the trick.I fall for it.Ask everyone if I don’t believe you, what’s the point of asking about something that you can see the prove right between your eyes.I really have been blinded this time, or maybe because you got me at my weakest point.All the things that we have done together is part of the greater lies.Somebody told me, you want to kept both of us to yourself.I don’t believe them.

Sadly they are wrong.

But  I’m also wrong.

You don’t want to kept both of us.


You did to me, what he did to you.

And I hope you satisfied, being branded a douche bag from a university’s dropout,kinda of funny isn’t.And if I’m a douche bag, what makes you?Have to lie to get a girl,how low can you get, dude?

*A little bit twisted for a novel isn’t it…

And yeah it’s a novel



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