When I see you

When I see you, I saw a girl that deserve happiness.Why wasting all those tears for someone who doesn’t even care, ain’t it better to put a smile upon that beautiful face?

Past, yup everybody got their own history, even me.Mine was darker more sinister.Yup everybody hears the story on how it ends, but the reason behind it,shocking.I could always tell everyone that I regret that I have met her.But no, because once, she was all I ever wanted.But like I said, past,is history.Why should we cling to that tragedy rather than creating a new one.A happy one, maybe this time it won’t just be part of a history, it will be part of a story, OUR story.

Funny things about heart ,theoretically, your heart can’t break. Practically, it could break worse than any glass.But there’s a reason why, heart is the only broken instrument that could work.Just like the old saying, every heart that has been broken, there’s a perfect person with a glue gun.The heart might not be as strong as before, but unlike glass, its worth to pick up every pieces and glue it up together.

How to forget about someone we love?you don’t.Trying to forget about someone we love, is like trying to remember someone whom we never meet.So why trying to do such a thing?It won’t go away,trust me.Human memories,is just like ROM.U could read it,but u can’t delete it, no matter how many times you shutdown or pull the plugs.Don’t you wish we have RAM instead?it would be much easier.

Sometimes, when we miss someone,that doesn’t meant we need them in our life.And most of the time,when a relationship ends, we are not actually miss the person but we missing the habit, the cycle.Those late night calls, those dinner date,those movie times, those gifts, those hugs, those kisses, those sweet dream and good morning text.Being accustomed to such a thing, how can we imagined trying to live without it, some might goes as far as describing ‘how am I suppose to breath without air,”

In the end, we all have a choice.We could either live in the past , trying to wait for the air to breath into the room, or we could step out from the room, from those walls we built around our heart and find a new fresh air.Waiting is painful, I know about about this, I guess everybody knows about it.But why wait for miracle to happened rather than try and go make it happened?God give us the power of prayer,but that doesn’t mean we only need to sit around and pray without doing something about it.Life doesn’t work that way.

Sorry for the ranting, I know it was not my place to write such a thing.But, just remember, when there’s someone that is trying so hard to make you cry, there’s always someone there that trying hard to make you smile, even though it might cause him to lose his own.

just my two cent




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  1. Nicely done,prince is it?.I just came across ur blog, and I find it fascinating to finally see,an opinion from male perspective.Most of the blog was written from girls point of view.If you have a girlfriend, she is one lucky gal.Can’t wait for ya next entry.And again, well done. :yes: .

  2. Niice one.Kalau kita pakai RAM, boleh je formatkan, tapi ada sebab kita dikurniakan dengan ROM…and yeah everyone deserve to be happy.

  3. ” Human memories,is just like ROM.U could read it,but u can’t delete it, no matter how many times you shutdown or pull the plugs”.

    Kalo bole lupa, malam ni jugak nak format.. :evilgrin:

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