It doesn’t matter?It does!!

There are a few things that I don’t understand.You said it doesn’t matter, but you pour it out on me.To you maybe it doesn’t matter but to me, it’s like a shining ray of hope.How you wish if things like this,how you wish if things like that,and yet your action didn’t describe the thing that you felt.You told me,You’re happy and yet you are faking a come someone who is happy fake a smile?

You tell me that people favour me right now, what’s the point?when You don’t.I used to tell someone that I don’t give a damn about what the world thinks as long as we are together.You said it was unfair, I told you the world is never fair.You tell me to move on, what do you think it’s that easy?like taking a stroll in the park,like push your gas on the green light?You try to match me up with the girl at the coffee shop?come on, I’m stupid but I’m not an idiot.You feel sad when I kept silent, why?why should you?what am I to you… You already perfect as you are, you don’t need me.You said somebody want to be friends with me?I give you a hint “kept your friend close and your enemies closer”….. what paranoid you say?na ah, that somebody already start to stalk my pages long before anything even begin and you want me to befriend with them?no thanks.Nope, I don’t think he meets the requirement, i do it before and for what?I don’t need these type of “people” in my life.I’m happy as it is.

Pick a fight?no, no you are wrong, completely wrong.Why would I do something like that… no points.You said you could fix me, but you said you can’t.So whats the point of bringing it up?Heart said I mend yours and you are hoping that somebody mend mine.Why make it strong just to break it once again?Why YOU’re opening up a healing wounds again?Are you satisfied?you said you experience it for quite sometimes, so am I some kind of experiment being tested?is it true?…I hope you like it.

you want to know the truth?You say you could fix me, I hope you do.

you said u miss me?don’t you think I don’t felt the same way?

You said somebody told you that people that our type maybe is not the best choice or something right?let me tell you this, that’s is completely Bull… how come you know something if you haven’t try it yet?same thing, what’s meant to be, it was meant to be.. here an example: what the difference between you have study so hard and you still  failed your examination and you havent study anything and end up fail the examination?do the calculation.It’s call effort.You tried, u fail, thats what something that is meant to be, you don’t tried , then you fail,ahhh it was meant to be hahaha funny is it?

You want me here, but you don’t want me here.The one who is confuse suppose to be me.You want me but you don’t want said leave if thats what I wanted…only if i have the strength to fight the gravity that keeps pulling me back to you.Can you fight gravity?If you do then please tell me.You love weddings?great, because I hate it right now…

ranting by the princ3:it doesn’t meant a thing



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