From the bottom of my heart- I hope you read this

Love is a gift from the God.If people asked me, why I love you so deeply, I said “who am I to deny god’s will.Love make people do crazy stuffs.You can go on without eating without feeling hungry even though in daily bais , you are freaking eating machine.

Loving someone.What is it actually?According to me :-P , loving someone can be defined as you put others as a priority before you.1 thing that I learned, if you love someone, love them with sincerity.And if you really sincere, you will be happy even though they might not belong to is easier said than done, but believe me, if you’re sincere, you will be Hokay!!

Others prefer to chase their love, and they said passion is the risk.There only two outcomes, you might end up with brokenhearted or you could discover the greatest love in the world.Should I pursue this, ‘passion’?

Even thought I have my say in this topic, but the truth is from my heart.Take a moment to listen to my heart, it whisper.

I don’t know know what would happen if I confess my love to you, it might turn out great, or the worst that could happened is, you will keep your distance from me.Some of my friend said that I might be under some kind of spell,but the spell that I’m under, is yours.

I keep thinking about you all the time and sometimes it makes me crazy, but it’s kind of good actually cause it makes me smile when I’m sad.Funny isn’t it?you could become the richest person in the world, buy all those things that some people can only dream of, but an effect from your smile makes me felt like the richest guy in the world.

I rather being poor but happy with you by my side rather than posh and loaded with angie beside me, *never like her anyway.If you want a perfect person,maybe I’m not the one for you,but if you’re looking a lesser guy than me,show me the way and i’ll be one for you.How I wish, I could give the whole world to you, but at the moment love is all I have to give to you.

I’m sure you could find a lot of guys who is going to love you, who is much more better than me,but I’ll assure you, you will never find a guy who loves you like I do.

I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you even though you might not love me back.

I really missed the time when I’m with nobody and you without somebody.

Every little thing in our conversation, running through my mind like a video recorder.They said,I remembered those thing because you constantly remind me.I said maybe because I listen.

Been around a lots of people, it’s a funny thing I didn’t fall for any of those beauties.Maybe I’m in love with you not because of your look but because it is YOU.I love everything about you.Your eyes,your nose, your hair, your nose, your smell, your little finger,your voice :-D ( heard you in karaoke kan?),with make up, without make up, your attitude (maybe it we could  fix something about that , hey I’m not a saint either :devil: ), the way you blush, the way you eat, the way you said you miss me,maybe not me maybe my smell that you missed, but hey, I miss you too.I was too slow to admit it that time, sorry , getting nervous every time you near me :chicken: .

You hate people calling your name out aloud.But did you know? I can’t helped myself from smiling everytime I hear it.Damn!!It’s kinda of embarrassing, but seriously i can’t help it.Deep down inside , everytime people mention your name , it reminds me of your smile.And Hell Yeah , it’s a beautiful name Hokay!!!

Shah Rukh Khan said (in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) “we only life once, died once,fall in love once, marry once.”I would like to disagree on the part of falling in love.He said that we only fall in love once, but I fall in love with you, everytime I saw.Guess you the only one that can manage to do that.

Maybe you rather I’m with someone else, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,”.

Yup , I agreed.Other girls will come along, they always do.But what’s the point,when all I ever want is you.

I think I finished my ranting here.

-A guy who pretend that he’s a friend but secretly in love with you.

Secret?I think the only person who didn’t know is you… :sweat:

listen to The script- I’m yours



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  1. The only thing I have to suggest is don’t say I love you again just say I care about you until she is looking you in the eyes bcoz of ur sincere.. :-)

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