Clash of the titan

Last monday, I went to the nearby GSC at East Coast Mall to watch this mythology movie.Dalam sibuk2 nak buat report sempat lagi ke panggung wayang kan?hehehe.nak dijadikan cerita aku terbangun pada pukul 9.15 malam.Tengok2 si Aizat dah msg kata on the way.Apa lagi bertempiaran lari nak bersiap since I already asked my cousin to buy it for us for 10 pm show.I reached the cinema at 9.50 pm and I met up with Aizat in front of the parkson’s entrance.I met Si taufik and saddam on my way there.Seems like si Taufiq is going to start his practical training this last Wednesday, So all the best bro, may you become the most successful dentist ever hehehe.ramai lahh org nak pergi klinik since he has such ‘jambu’ face.So people will not hesitate to went to the dentist for check up, doctor and dentist need to be good look so that patient will comes more often ( I dont know if that is a good or bad idea hehehehe :laugh: ).

so for the next 2 hours, we enjoying the epic movie, starring sam worthington.seem like rezeki mamat ni bertambah2 since the terminator when he act as the new breed of robot.then comes the avatar, which I havent seen until this day, even though i have already acquired the Blu Ray version of the movie.There a few plots that is very interesting in the movie and since I love the greek mythology so much, Im giving this film 4/5 stars… woohooo  :-D .Perseus with Pegasus, is really a smart combination.I remembered the story about Jason and the Argonaut where they travel the sea and deal with all kind of monster.The armor that Zeus (Liam Neeson”Qui goon jin from star wars and ras agul from batman begins “) wearing in the film look very stylo I must said.Maybe hhe has to wax it every morning and taken that he is the King of the god, he must have his own servant to do such bidding hehehe. Ralph fiennes (Voldermort from Harry Potter series) as Hades was portrayed quite well, and it seems, he reminds me to the darklord himself maybe because hhe already become synonym with the character of darkness that might give me the idea.For those who still haven’t watch the clash if the titan, i suggest you go for it.At least the medusa in percy jackson is much more beautiful than the computer generated interface in the titans.Kudos peeps..



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