Happy Mother’s day kepada Mak dan Mak Tok.

Pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari ibu kepada ibunda yang tercinta saya kerana tanpa beliau, tiadalah saya dan tanpa saya tiadalah blog ini.Terima kasih kerana menjaga saya selama ini, dari kecil dan comey sampai lah dah besar dan handsome sebegini rupa, kerana tanpa anda mungkin saya tak akan dapat rupa paras yang menawan hati gadis-gadis di luar sana (okay , masuk bakul upah orang angkat).Saya akan mencuba untuk menjadi anak yang terbaik supaya anda akan berbangga dengan saya, sebagai mana saya berbangga mempunyai ibu yang penyayang seperti anda.

Secara jujurnya, saya merasakan saya adalah insan yang cukup bertuah kerana di kurniakan anda sebagai ibu saya dan bukan orang lain.Tiada orang yang lebih memahami saya lebih daripada anda.Mak, kadangkala I felt like you can read my mind and to make the thing so impressive, I guessed you can read my heart to.I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes when i craving for something, example like KFC, and by the time I walk into the kitchen, I saw KFC bucket on the table.Believe me if you want to,I gained nothing by bluffing.

I knew, sometimes, I can be stubborn, just like the last time we went to the empire gallery when I chose to buy the liqourice, despite you warned me that it taste like ERRGHH`~~,  hahaha.Well, something needs to be learn from experience aren’t they.When I had an accident a couple of months ago and the cops is trying to bad mouthing me , that it’s my fault causing the accident by either driving to fast or was on the phone, you kept your stance by saying “I knew my son, he never talks while driving and speeding?speeding was not even him,” It might looks like a simple things to others, but it meants a lot to me.Having faith is one thing, and when people have faith in you is something else.

Mak, I’m may not be the best son in the world, the one who get the best result in the examination, or the one who could buy you everything, or who could takes to travel around the world, no, the description might not be me at all.But one thing that you could really count on is “I love You, Mak, more than anything in the world,” and if people asked who is the one you love the most in the world,my answer would be” My Mother, Pn Rosita bt Tok Pentara Raja Dato Haji Ismail”.

Another person that I wanted to wish happy mother’s day is a very amazing women.She is so amazing that I bet anyone could never asked for a better person.She is my mother’s mother.My grandmother.

She’s a very kind, loving  grandmother that anyone could ever have.Her words of courage is soothing and give me inspiration to become a good person.Whenever I was down, she always give me motivation to keep my head high , high as the sky.Without her, my mother would be here, and I’ll wouldn’t be here.Thanks to her gene, She owns a very handsome grandson :-D., I’m guessing I get my soft loving side from her.

I called her Mak Tok, as in Mother to my mother.She’s takes care of me when I was a young boy too.Reminisce the time when I always gets into trouble, well I kinda of a naughty back then, I’m sorry if I have given you so much trouble,climbing the trees, jump into the pool, and once I get into an accident involving a motorcycle.The new motorcycle was chained, and my grandmother and grandpa forbid anyone to take a ride on it again.Poor bike, it just came out from the shop and was only rides ONCE.

I wished you happy mother’s day, Mak Tok.I love you Mak Tok., as you always said to me before you finished our conversation on the phone “I love you, I love you, I love you,” :-D

Happy mother’s day to my Mak Tok, Datin Zaharin bt Dato Haji Abu Bakar :heart: .

P.S maaf tertulis bahasa inggeris, kalau sesiapa tak faham boleh guna google translate yerp.

Happy mother’s day !!!!!



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