All my trouble seems so faraway,song from the Beatles.Well i suppose to go and set up the seat belt for my car.Unlucky for me, my bro already go to work.So im left car less…ngeh wtever..i had dinner with puteri last nite..guess what?its padi again,not that i dislike this place since its got my favourite dish..the lamb chop ngeh~we reach there around 8.30.She had her chicken chop and iced milo and i have my ice lemon tea..there are bugs all over the place,and being a good boy as i am,im not missing this opportunity to bug puteri…hehehe..after chatting,arguing,debating..we decided to go home.Well guess who is waiting for me at home?my lovely trisyia.She cant wait to get her hands on the computer to play her favourite game,barbie online.I seem cant understand the motive of the game play,changing clothes..well you get that sort of thing in other games too..but this due to improve your character defenses.What so interesting in changing clothes i wonder?It seems this game is actually quite popular among my cousins.Some of them using apple laptop starting at the age of 10 just to play this so call ‘interesting game’..girls~haih..i recently just sign up on this facebook thingy.More people prefer to use this network nowadays..i wonder..what so special about it? Well it will get me sometimes to familiarize myself with this app.hurm..its been a while since i log on to my Silkroad Online.How is my horse doing..haih he must be mising me hehehe…well i write something else some other time ok?

my lovely cousin


Song from my lovely cousin



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