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So today Mr Taufiq  invite me and several other close friends to celebrate Pa 21st birthday.How fast times fly by.I known this boy since he was still in the secondary school.First time i met this boy when he was only 15 years old.Now he’s a grown man.Remember to vote yer Pa?Pa @ Syed Muzzafar is one of the brightest bowler that Pahang has ever seen in many year.Win a few major tournament, he was idolized by a lot of junior bowler.He become one of the icon in Pahang bowling industry.His recent winning is from the Penang Pesta bowling tournament held in megalanes Seberang pRai,Penang.Topping the field of hundred of talented bowler from all over Malaysia if i must said Asean he won himself a whopping rm 8,000 for his effort.By far i think this is the largest prize he has ever won in his career.

pa with his birthday cake
pa with his birthday cake

Most of the junior should set him as an example and made him as a role model.His upcoming tournament is the interstate championship where he will carry the banner for Pahang.So continue to support Pa in the years to come…

close friends ( the birthday boy,Pa,Hanif,Abg,Adik)
close friends ( the birthday boy,Pa,Hanif,Abg,Adik)
our beloved big bro,Mr Taufiq@greendaybro
our beloved big bro,Mr [email protected]



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