Why should twitter be rename to iTwit

First and foremost please excuse my terrible English language, since English is not my first language and mind you, I’m not that good with my Bahasa Malaysia which is my first language as well.But, for this entry I definitely want to write in  English since I find its suitable in order to express my feeling towards this matter.

Before I go any further, I would like to ask the readers, how many of you own twitter’s account?don’t need to raise your hand or shout “ME, ME,ME” since I won’t be able to hear or see you.If your answer is Yes, then you might have a little bit more clue on the topic that I would like to brought up here.

What did you actually do or the more precise question is, what did you actually tweet?Did you tweet about the weather?your love life?you opinion regarding some matter , or just your expression towards some of the issue you are dealing with every single day.

Myself, been tweeting almost a year now if  I was not mistaken,most of the time, I tweet craps, yup you read it right, C- R- A- P- S CRAPS.But at certain occasions,I find it easier to express my feeling in writing, and thus I use twitter as my medium to do such task.Compare to blog, twitter is simpler given that you are intelligent/creative enough to sum up your thoughts in 140 words.

Why not blogging?for me blogging need a careful planning, time consuming, and you need to put some effort to pointing out your opinion and views (not that anyone care on what I’m blogging about but still). Through twitter , it only takes a couple of minutes to pour out your deepest thought or opinion regarding almost everything.That is one of the reason that this page is getting dustier nowadays.

What I like to point out here is, I love to tweet.Really, I do.I tweet about most of the things that I felt and I saw through my eyes and experience through my heart.Sometimes i tweet about something random, and sometimes tweet about my feelings.That is the point of twitter, medium to pour out your thoughts without worrying others might get lots of notification when you busy updating your status every single second, or half a second, or quarter of second…never mind but the point is twitter is very suitable to those who love to update info, either its useful of just plain crap.

My twitter is public and I welcome anyone who enjoy a good piece of crap to follow me on twitter and read all my junks, however couple of things is bugging me at the moment.

Being a famous personality (as if) I’m being stalk.Hurm maybe the term stalking is not very suitable in this case since my tweets can been seen by stranger what so ever.What I like to point out is, I don’t mind people reading it, I just don’t fancy them misjudged it.What I really want to say is, My tweets revolve around me, I, me, Mua, watashi, not YOU.What I begin to realize lately, some individual tends to relate my tweet to their miserable  life.My personal opinion,these people are retarded.Like seriously retard.If I tweet about something, and you disagree with it, fine.My tweet is not a fact, neither does my blog , it just my humble opinions on things and the way I see thing in life.If you don’t like it, learn to agree to disagree.

What I really don’t understand, why should you feel disgruntled when I tweet something against your belief? To make the matter worse,you  try to start a rumor, about how wrong I am.Remember, rumors are spread by hater, talks among idiot and believed by dumbass.If every single of my tweets annoys you, just click the unfollow button, and be done with it.You don’t have to keep up with my craps any longer.The fact that you still in my followers is because of two reason

1.You know that I’m awesome and you are to dumb admit it                                             2. You really give a damn about what I tweet because you know it’s true.

Maybe some of the reader who didn’t follow my tweets didn’t quite understand the situation here.I didn’t tweet something that relate to sensitivity of religion, race or politic.It’s my crap that they really gives a damn about.Example if I tweet about the iPhone, these annoying freakzoid will try to make it a bigger issue.Or, if I tweet something about how youngster should respect their elders, they will have the idea of “Oh, he’s talking about me” .The matter of fact that you would like to make such a big fuss over some random tweets like that , is that you really did the crap that I tweet about.

For those who knew me, I often used sarcasm although at some point, I love direct approach on certain issue.So if you felt the heat from my sarcastic tweets, then look into the mirror and asked yourself, “why did I felt angry about his stupid tweet?am I angry because I knew what he tweet is right or am I angry because I knew that he is right about me?”. If you didn’t do it, that why you should feel the effect from sarcasm?Why you need to give a damn about such a simple tweet that doesn’t concern you?

I love photography and sometimes I love to share it with the world.You could enjoy the pictures if you wish to see it, but a certain individual has some problem with the photos that I’ve uploaded.Keep asking stupid question like ” why you upload of these dessert and noodle’s picture?” Come on, should it be an issue too?its funny isn’t it?If you like the picture, smile, if you don’t, walk away.I’m not trying to boast myself or anything through the pictures, I intend to share it only, beside sharing is caring eh?

A couple of weeks ago I got some info that a certain, big fat ass biatch is currently updating my well being, and my activities to certain individual.And most of the info came from my tweets.I don’t know what the fat ass  is trying to achieve here.I thought when she score gold digging my rich cousin, the rumor and the problem stop.Seems like that fat ass uncompleted graduate moron,is back for more trouble.From our last encounter,I see how your hand shaking while typing that beautiful white iPhone with your big fat thumbs.Relax,I’m not a tiger that ready to devour anyone.Well, if I’m a tiger, I won’t devour you.You are Haram even for a tiger.(OK maybe I exaggerating a bit, sorry about that).The point is , please stop what ever the hell that you are trying to accomplish, please, please , please.Amen.

That’s is why I come up with the conclusion , that twitter should be name iTwit.Just like all of the apple product, and the new concept BMW car from MI4 the i8, its point out that its my iTwit, not WeTwit, therefore you shall not touch it without my permission, you can read it, you can disagree with it (like all those Droid and BB user do to the iPhone), you can hate it, but you don’t have to say it out loud about it.Because its better to keep your mouth shut and to appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

FYI: I’m not calling you stupid, because if you are stupid, you will know it. wiggle wiggle wiggle

P.S I’m sorry if the content, contain few vulgar wording, I have try to keep it as clean as I can.To those that have been move by my words, either being it in positive or negative ways, know this, i don’t give a damn about it.

Peace, no war.









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  1. “Awaslah daripada mengumpat kerana mengumpat itu lebih berdosa daripada zina. Sesungguhnya orang melakukan zina, apabila dia bertaubat, Allah akan menerima taubatnya. Dan sesungguhnya orang yang melakukan umpat tidak akan diampunkan dosanya sebelum diampun oleh orang yang diumpat” (Hadis riwayat Ibnu Abib Dunya dan Ibnu Hibbad).”

    ” Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jauhilah kebanyakan buruksangka (kecurigaan), karena sebagian dari buruksangka itu dosa. Dan janganlah mencari-cari keburukan orang dan janganlah menggunjingkan satu sama lain. Adakah seorang diantara kamu yang suka memakan daging saudaranya yang sudah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Penerima Taubat lagi Maha Penyayang.(QS 49:12)”

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